Five amazing eco friendly concept music devices

It would not be entirely wrong to say that almost every person on earth loves to hear music and music plays a significant role in everyone’s life. Although the way of listening to music has undergone a drastic change in the last few decades, but very few are still unaware about the eco-friendly ways of listening to their favorite tunes. So, here is a collection of some unique eco-friendly concepts of music players:


  • Skin Attachable Music player

Chih-Wei Wang and Shou-His Fu came up with the unique idea of skin attachable music player that can power itself with one’s body heat. This music playback device can be kept attached onto your skin while you are involved in any kind of physical activities like walking, running or exercising. After attaching it onto your skin and turning on the power, you can keep on enjoying uninterrupted music without even connecting the device to any earphones.

  • MP3 player which you can power up by kinetic energy

This amazing new gadget designed by industrial designer Matthew Smith can be powered up by kinetic energy and is intended to promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy. This MP3 player consists of a kinetic energy generator that successfully removes the need to change batteries or charge the device. Moreover, another advantage of this device is that while exercising you can keep reading your heart rate as the handgrip of this player consists of a built-in metal pads.


  • Spin and play MP3 player

Nicolas Cinguion from France designed the Spin and Play MP3 player which plays green music for you. This simple device might look like a regular string toy but it employs a truly radical and innovative technology that aims at saving electricity as well as helps you listen to music without affecting your environment. When you pull the string present in the player, the built-in batteries get charged by converting the resultant energy into electricity.

  • The Chukka Kinetic Music player

Designed by British designer Tom Mascall, this unique music player consists of a built-in electromagnetic inducer that can convert any kind of vibration or motion into electricity. Therefore, the more you keep playing with this device, the more charge you keep generating for the device.


  • Shake MP3 player

Designed by Kenneth Tay, this music player can be charged by the motion of your body. It consists of an electromagnetic coil that remains connected to the battery and can convert your body movement or kinetic energy into useful electrical energy. So, the more you keep shaking or dancing with this music player in your pocket the more charge you can keep producing.

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