Five innovative packaging designs for beverages

Packaging is something that is essential when it comes to marketing.  Many products catch the attention of the consumer due to its attractive packaging.  This is the age of innovation and creative packaging is something that strongly contributes to marketing and sales these days.



1. Lingerie Can

A Russian designer by the name of Ramm ND has come up with an ingenious design on beer cans which show sensual black pantyhose.  Now this one is a hit with the men who would want more and more of these “lingeries beer cans”.  You could have a single beer can with a pantyhose, or buy twin cans to put together two parts of a “lingerie” puzzle.  This one is bound to be a hit at bachelor parties.


2. Fruit Drink Packages

It would be interested to actually stick a straw into our favorite fruit and sip from it.  This is exactly the same idea that Naoto Fukusawa, a designer, had when he made the innovative packaging of fruit juices by giving them the look of the actual fruit itself.  In fact, he has gone to the extent of matching the original fruit color, feel and look.  Coming to think of it, this creation would be a hit for the younger generation who are always looking for something interesting.


3. Beer Bottle

When you see this beverage bottle, you would not even think of it as one that contains beer.  This sleek oblong shaped bottle has a hidden cap that you can only see once you turn it upside down; else, it resembled a stem glass.  However, once opened, this beer bottle can rest on the other side without tumbling over.  Made by Sidel from Germany, the multifunctional quality of this catchy design is even more appealing.


4. Yoplait 360 Yogurt

This bottle of yoghurt is quite tall for ingredients worth 100mL only.  This is because of the clever central inert hole design that gives the impression of height to the bottle.  This unique bottle has been cleverly conceptualised and designed.


5. Milk Packaging

Wouldn’t it be fun to have some cool milk packaging designs in place of the boring rectangular tetra packs?  In fact, this could get your milk-hating toddler take a liking to the white beverage.  The two-litre milk carton that is shaped in the letters “MILK” is something that is simple, yet very clever.

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