12 – Modular homes for modern nomads

Modular homes for modern nomads

Being an urban homeless is not easy. With the rising cost of modern apartments, one must earn a lot before one can even think about buying one’s own house. Therefore, one of the major concerns of modern urban dwellers is to find low-cost homes that have sufficient space. Sadly, most urban apartments do not satisfy these requirements. That is why there is a bulging need of finding modular tiny homes that are capable of solving all the housing problems of a modern man. These modular homes for modern nomads should not only be compact and resourceful, but they should also be eco-friendly. Let us take a look at some of these houses.

12 – Modular homes for modern nomads

Not all of us can stick to the same place. If life on the roads is what you prefer but do not want to let go off the comforts of a modern home, then the modular homes are just the best option for you. They can provide the facilities of a normal home but unlike them, you can carry them anywhere you like. The modern nomads want the best of both worlds and also would like to save the planet. The modular homes fulfill all your requirements completely and some of them have even won awards for being innovative. Following is a list of five special modular homes that are currently being praised for their exceptional designs.


1. Tumble wood’s Popomo Trailers

Tumble-wood has been manufacturing small on-the-go homes for some time and their designer, Jay Shafer, has come up with a unique designer trailer especially for the nomads. It is small but looks comfy and cozy. It has a bedroom, one living room, a bathroom and kitchen. This makes it perfect for at least two people. The exterior walls are made of Cor-Ten which can be swiped with wooden planks. The superior design of the trailer gives enough space for both work and relaxation. The parking space it needs is not too much and causes very little trouble to the owner.

2. Martin House-to-go

It is a more luxurious home on wheels. The Martin Home-to-go will cost you around $29,000. When she lost her beloved home in the hurricane named Katrina, Julie Martin, started making portable homes for people with a small to medium budget. These homes are not just comfortable but also made of eco-friendly materials. The roof is high and it won’t feel stuffy because the insulation system is too good. It has a hall, open kitchen counter, bedroom upstairs and a bathroom.


3. Airstream Bambi Trailer

The modern people want everything at the same time. They don’t believe in compromising. The Airstream Bambi has served the modern nomads for over 75 years by providing the best modular accommodation. The design of their small trailer is very compact and they can be moved easily.

4. Tiny Modern Leaf House

Laird Herbert has made a truly remarkable movable house. It has a loft bedroom and total 215 square feet of living space. The modular kitchen has been made in a way to accommodate your needs easily.


5. Amazing Modern Mobile Home

Mehdi Hidari Badie has made this unique portable home using nature-friendly materials and recycled materials. This house has lots of solar panels for supplying power for the owners.

6. Mini House

Mini House

The Mini House may be just 15 square meters in size, but it offers organized and well-planned space for the bare necessities of urban individuals. As it is a modular structure, you can easily add other modules for expanding it. Swedish house builder Sommarnojen and architect Jonas Wagell have joined hands for making these pre-fabricated home models. The size of Mini houses can vary from 15 square meters to 90 square meters. Wagell is also soon going to launch sauna, kitchen and bathroom modules that can be added to the Mini House’s structure. The Mini House is sturdy enough to withstand the climatic changes.



While designing the tiny NOMAD house designer Ian Kent’s priority was offering a comfortable living space which has minimum impact on the environment. He used several tactics like varying the height of the ceiling and building a stylish staircase for making the best use of limited space. The buyers will have to assemble the NOMAD home but it is not very difficult as Ian has used advanced constructional technology. The lightweight structure provides good resistant to moisture, fire and termite.

8. Fab Lab House

Fab Lab House

This small house concept has won the prestigious Decathlon Europe people’s choice awards for sustainable and innovative design. It has been designed by the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, which is presently located in Madrid. The roof of the Fab Lab House is covered by photovoltaic leaves.

The leaves are flexible and the solar power captured by them is stored in the root area for later usage. Interior of this small modular home consists of a big room which has to be used as a living, dining and additional bedroom. There is another bedroom in the loft.

9. Solar Powered Cube House

Solar Powered Cube House

Just three meters square big, the Solar Powered Cube House is a compact modular solution to the space crisis faced by urban homeowners. The solar system mounted on its roof generates more energy than necessary. It comes with washing machine, lounge, table, chairs, composting toilet and kitchen.

Small modular homes are in vogue these days as they save space and expenses. Architects are designing some brilliant eco-friendly tiny home concepts to help urban individuals find a suitable dwelling within their budgets.

10. Ji Loy: Fashionable prefabricated modular houses

modular housing ji loy 1
Ji Loy is an innovative prefabricated housing module by designer Nikita Kolbovskiy that unbelievably fits into any environment. The module has been planned by way of presenting a viable solution to the housing needs of people in distress as a result of natural calamity or those seeking emergent shelter in an urban setup. The module comprises of two parts. Loy is the most basic element in the entire scheme for it gives access to bathroom and kitchen. Its better half dubbed as Ji largely works as an additional connecting module that provides space and utility for other tasks.

modular housing ji loy 2
The modules are equipped with minimum set of transforming furniture with standard interior design compiled using high plastic and wood. The versatile and different versions of these independent homes come in col soothing colors such as blue, green, white and red.

11. Stephen Meir’s modular home office concept

home office 1


The main idea behind creating this modular home office concept was to create a contemporary and functional office space within the home, but also away from the distraction of home chores. The modular office shed was designed with three key aspects in mind – ease of assembling, energy efficiency and comfort. It’s made from a number of separate quadrants, which can be assembled to create different shapes, from a simple straight line to a complete curve. The interior follows suit with the ability to adapt the interior to any desired shape. A rubber seal sits between each section of the quadrant and when compressed together, it makes for a watertight seal. All the electrics are housed within the main frame and each module simply plugs into the other. You can order a number of factory-built modules and then assemble them to suit your needs.

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