Neat Motorhome Designs to Save the Inner Space

Neat Motorhome Design

Comfort is key when you’re on road or enjoying a getaway, and motorhomes are no exception, especially since some people even live in them long-term! While the space is far tighter than in an actual house, motorhomes can be cozy and even luxurious, given the right organizational hacks. Here are some interior design pointers to maximize space when you travel by coachbuilt motorhome:

Open Shelves

Neat Motorhome Design

Shelves are a favorite among motorhomes since you have to load up on as many storage options as possible—and they’re handy for pretty much anything, from knick-knacks to spices and even books. Conveniently, you can buy shelves already pre-made, although you have to measure where you’ll be putting them into so you can get the right dimensions, or you can go DIY for a more customized design. Open shelves are advisable, since these allow for more space and can accommodate objects of various heights. If you’re anticipating that the road will be bumpy, remember to take down vulnerable items from shelves during the trip and place them back in afterwards.

Wall Hangings

Cabinets and other storage areas already full? Before you consider taking up floor space, there’s one huge part of your RV that’s begging to be utilized: your walls, which you can hang light items from with the right equipment. There are plenty of creative ways that you can do this. Clothes such as sweatshirts and vests can be taken care of with command hooks, while books, paperwork, and office supplies might be snugly fit into pocket organizers or magazine racks instead of being left lying all over your motorhome. On a more visual note, you might want to liven up your motorhome and give it a personal touch by hanging or sticking posters, artworks, and photos on the walls.

Storage Everywhere

Neat Motorhome Design

When you live in an RV, you eventually develop an eye for storage—every nook, cranny, and corner can be used to keep items organized. A common design tactic is to raise the bed a bit instead of having it flat against the floor. This leaves a gap between the bed and the floor, where you can plug in drawers or storage boxes. Cabinets can be further upgraded by setting hooks on the insides of their doors, so you can mount utensils or even a trash can there while keeping them out of sight. Avoid rounded containers because they waste space, and choose household items that you can stack, fold, or collapse, like foldable chairs or paper cups.

Hints of Nature

One way to make your motorhome feel more expansive is to incorporate nature. Many motorhomes have walls, ceilings, or floors made out of wood, and it’s not hard to see why—wood is classically beautiful and earthy. Another material that beach-lovers might prefer is bamboo. As with regular homes and apartments, plants also have their place in motorhomes. These would do well along a sunny spot near your window or even on a desk, freshening up the air just as they lighten up the mood. Bringing in hints of nature into your motorhome triggers the relaxation response, so you can even choose earth tones as your motorhome’s color scheme or add accessories such as a Himalayan salt lamp.

Natural Light

Neat Motorhome Design

Similar to mirrors, letting in a good dose of natural light into your motorhome makes the space seem larger. It has tons of other benefits too, such as increasing productivity and happiness and even helping you sleep better at night. Motorhomes in particular usually have a good view of the outdoors anyway, so that’s even more of a reason to open those windows! Some people choose to expand their windows or install a roof vent to get more light in, but during days when it gets too sunny, you can control the light with half silk fabric curtains or metallic bubble wrap.


With these design tips in mind, here are a couple of RV homes that look stunning:

In terms of conserving space, this motorhome does a good job! The bed, which looks no less inviting, is propped up on two rows of boxes that provide a great deal of storage. There’s also another compartment between the bed and the wall, and the wood finish all throughout gives the space a laidback, well-designed look.

What you’ll notice first here is the minimalist color scheme of white paired with wood tones. Combine this with plants and generous windows, and you have a home that seems airy and pleasant. Storage is stylishly and subtly integrated, as shown by the compartments near the ceiling and on the wooden sofa as well as the basket against the window.

With these designs and examples, you already have a huge headstart when it comes to beautifying the interiors of your motorhome. Armed with organizational chops and a dash of creativity, you can create the motorhome space that suits you best–and you’ll love your time on the road even more.

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