Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Service Lift

Why Your Business Needs a Service Lift

In 2016, according to the United States Department of Labour, 5,190 workers died on the job in the country due to fatal accidents. That’s almost a hundred deaths a week.

Most of these deaths took place in warehouses and construction sites. The leading fatality cause included people getting stuck between or hit by heavy objects.

These fatal accidents aren’t inevitable—especially with the technological advancements available in 2021. There are many ways business owners can make the workplace safer for their employees, and having the right equipment is the first step to achieve that.

Getting a service lift installed also plays a vital role in keeping workers safe from potential injuries. They also have many other benefits. This article will list and describe five reasons why you should get one for your business.

1. Reduces worker injuries

injured worker

A service lift, such as a vertical material lift, significantly reduces the risk of injuries and fatalities that occur due to accidents.

Studies suggest that workers in the manufacturing industry suffer from a higher risk of disorders affecting;

  • Tendons
  • Muscles
  • Nerves
  • Ligaments
  • Nerves

This makes sense as well, as their jobs involve carrying and moving heavy items daily. Vertical conveyors can make their job significantly easier, preventing many of these physical disorders and injuries.

2. Protects your goods

Not only does the right machinery save your employees from injuries, but also your products from damage. Getting your goods transported vertically by hand involves a higher risk of human error. This translates into serious accidental losses that add up over time.

Service lifts can significantly reduce these potential damages. All your workers need to do is place a container or box on the lift and press a button to move it—quick, safe, and easy!

3. Optimizes productivity and efficiency

worker feeling tired

When workers spend their day carrying around heavy objects, they naturally get tired. Their productivity rate falls with time, and the last hour of the day sees the least amount of containers moved.

Alternatively, machines never get tired. They carry on and go all day at the same rate of efficiency. Keeping this in mind, S&D Service Lifts can make your production line much more productive and efficient.

4. Boosts your revenue

In any business, increased productivity always translates into higher monetary returns.

For instance, let’s suppose you have a warehouse processing and sending out heavy goods to your buyers. The more goods your workers process, the higher your revenues.

The right equipment can significantly speed up your production processes, allowing your workforce to focus their energy on other activities that generate additional cash flows.

5. Makes employees happier

happier employee

Comfortable employees are happy employees. Without comfort, your workers would not be satisfied with their job and consequently won’t perform it well.

Handling heavy containers all day tires workers, while also putting them at risk of injuries. With the right equipment, their jobs can become much safer and easier. This results in higher job satisfaction and productivity, ultimately increasing profits.

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