Freelancing and the Internet

Freelancing and the Internet

Most freelancers use the internet to advertise, email clients, search for new projects, and get paid. It does not matter what you freelance in, you are on the internet in some capacity. Connections become extremely important and vital to the very survival of your business and maintaining your sanity. So, take a break from your day and let us peruse the necessary benefits of a fast and reliable connection to make your business work.

 Searching and Researching
 Freelancing and the Internet

Some freelancers work exclusively online and need something quick in their wifi and cable packages. Wi-Fi becomes important because you want to be able to open multiple web pages quickly as you are looking for specific information or trying to find new projects to work on. Cable becomes equally important as watching certain shows around your genre of business can be helpful.

Having a high-speed connection means you can watch the show and research something, you saw at the same time. Writers, marketers, and artists often find their bundle deals incredibly helpful to their success.

If you are a freelancing therapist, hairdresser, or mechanic, professional writer who blogs regularly  a bundle package will also be helpful for you. Providing a television and Wi-Fi access to clients in the waiting room helps keep their patience levels even and often leaves them feeling positive about their wait time. 

Managing the Money 

Hi-speed internet is vital to getting those invoices emailed and getting paid online. If you have a slow connection, it could result in emails not getting sent quickly, slow process of getting your invoices finalized, and even a slow response to checking if invoices have been paid. Transferring your income to a bank account is pointless unless you have a reliable hi-speed connection. Interrupted connections cause a lot of unnecessary wasted time that could be used to completing other work function. 

Getting the Actual Work Done
 Freelancing and the Internet

Plenty of freelancers work completely online. Writers, graphic designers, producers, and so on all rely on being able to get online to complete their tasks, send emails, and have Skype meetings. Without a great connection, none of this could happen. Skype meetings require hi-speed connection to function properly. You may experience many problems with a slow internet connection while using Skype. Someone who is creating documents online in google docs or saving their artistry in the cloud on Dropbox cannot afford to have a connection interruption. 

Save on Advertising 

Advertising on the internet is a key tool for any freelancer. Not only is it easy, it can save you a lot of money on your campaigns and press releases. The inability to log in and post about upcoming events on Facebook or sharing product information on Instagram can be a killer to the business. Having a connection that drops a lot will translate into spending way too much time trying to advertise and not enough to get the work done.

If you are in an area where hi-speed internet is not available, we feel for you and we hope it becomes available to you soon. Keep requesting it and it will! For everyone else, splurge and get the best speed available. It will make your work easier to do and it does become a business expense to deduct on your taxes! When you make the switch and see how easy it makes your life, you will wonder what took you so long.

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