Gadget concepts that show the future is now

Gadgets speak volumes of the technological advancements taking place and the high-level creativity budding out of minds of creative designers. It is awe-inspiring how people come up with such unique and useful ideas, which are potent enough to change the ways we live. Following are futuristic techno gadgets that are likely to bring a change in our lives in future.

Ion Smart Scooter

Ion Smart Scooter

Roads are so full of vehicles, and in future, the condition would become even worse making commuting one of the most difficult tasks to perform. Luckily, some creative people who understand this difficulty well, and they have come up with a smart scooter, the Ion Smart Scooter. It is smart, as it knows how to make commuting problem free even when there is a lot of traffic and chaos on the roads. Once you charge the lithium battery, this smart scooter can travel up to seventeen miles at a speed of 15mph. Fold it, and carry it along anywhere you want.



This clever device aims to make people independent, as in, not depending upon electricity to charge their Smart phones or other devices. AMPY enables any device with a USB port to charge by consuming the energy of your motion. You walk around 10,000 steps, do push ups, or cycle for an hour; all activities of yours will give your Smartphone a good battery of three hours.

The Pronto Fast-Charge Battery

The Pronto Fast-Charge Battery

Time is the most precious thing we humans have, and we cannot afford to spend, or rather waste our valuable time on small things, as charging your cell phone. I mean who has all the time to stand by and wait for the cell to charge? People who value time and who cannot stand time wastage, this product is certainly for them. The Pronto Fast Charge Battery is an aluminium case that comes in two types, one with a 4,500-mAh battery, and the other with a 13,500mAh battery capacity. A portable battery bank can charge a Smartphone for nine times in a matter of an hour.

Salt ─ Keyless entry for your phone


Many of us like to keep a security code in our phone so that no one else uses our phone without our consent. However, putting the code every time you want to use your cell is infuriating, especially when you make calls or send texts. This gadget is perfect solution, as this credit card shaped card unlocks cell phone whenever it is around and as soon you walk away with the card, the phone is locked once again.

Life is busy today and it is going to get even hectic in future, but no worries, as there are creative designers who keep mixing their efforts with the latest technology and keep trying to come up with gadgets to make life easier than ever before.

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