Keep Fire Hazards Away With These Stylish Fire Extinguishers

It is very important for every house and building to be equipped with high-quality fire extinguishers in order to be ready to fight any fire hazard. Fire can create dangers anywhere, anytime. Thus, it is required to remain cautious and alert at all times so it can be controlled and put off in case of emergencies. While there are various types of fire extinguishers available in the market for domestic and industrial needs, here are some amazing ones that not only serve your purpose but also look stylish and modern. Check out some wonderful designs for fire extinguishers that would not spoil the looks of your house or office walls.



Designed by Eason Chow Wai Tung, FireArc is a modern design for a fire extinguisher. This equipment is activated through a chemical reaction that helps you in fighting fire quite effectively. You can activate the reaction of salts on a simple action of twisting the top cap and it starts producing carbon dioxide. Thus, you really do not need to do much to maintain this system. The system can also be used anytime, as it has no expiry.

A modern theater design

A modern theater

Taking inspiration from dancing figures and flames, Lilian Kong designed this innovative style of a fire extinguisher that is easy to hold and use. Available in several colors, this fire extinguisher has a solid base and a curvy body. You will actually find it as a dancing figure that can also do its job of fire extinguishing efficiently. While this fire extinguisher looks unique and stylish, you can easily recognize the device by its features. Higher safety is ensured in this equipment by the use of a safety pin that prevents accidental trigger press.

Fire Hammer

Fire Hammer  2

Considering the limitations of confined spaces, designers Jiang Jiongfan, Xue Rui, Lin Shuang and Zha Lianghao came up with a special design of a fire extinguisher that they called Fire Hammer. The style of this extinguisher is given in a way to let you hammer through barriers so you can easily come out of an emergency.



This design of a fire extinguisher has an embedded oxygen tank and some fire-suppressed powder capsules. Designed by Woo Seok Park, this extinguisher can be used by pulling out its base and throwing its powder capsules on fire. The user needs to stay away in this case, as these capsules explode to put off the fire. To help trapped people with easy breathing, you can use its oxygen tank that can also be charged through valves installed in its side handles. Thus, it is a highly useful design for fire emergencies.

Shield Extinguisher

Shield Extinguisher

Designed by June Young Kim and Ji Min Lee, this fire extinguisher is developed not only to help in firefighting, but also in protecting people in fire emergencies. It is not simply designed like a shield, but is also made to act like one.


Modern fire extinguishers are available in unique and creative designs and styles. These extinguishers help in fire dousing, as well as in protecting people trapped in fires.

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