GM Targa Evo set to thrill all with its predator looks

gm targa evo

Transportation has a new meaning now with creative designs and highly advanced vehicles. With its aerodynamic body, muscular appearance, front design resembling to the shape of a lion and the contours of the hood looking like its nostrils, Targa Evo induces an adrenaline rush whenever you look at it. Inspired by athletic shape of predatory animals, this concept car by GM is all set to redefine how the future cars will look like. Created by reputed Macedonian designer Dejan Hristov, a student of the School of Arts in Skopje, this design will come as a replacement to Pontiac Solstice. The fact that this concept design was developed using Adobe Photoshop only speaks itself about the exceptional designing skills of Dejan.

In addition to its aesthetic looks and sleek design, this vehicle has much more to offer. This vehicle will be powered by both V6 or V8 engine and features electrically-operated retracting roof panel that will slide easily. It will have more space for engines and the roof panel will be fabricated using high strength carbon-fiber to reduce weight along with keeping the center of gravity low. The most noticeable feature is its tail section which is innovatively designed. Despite all the superlative features, Targa Evo is not an official GM concept, thus, zeroing the chances of seeing this automobile on the road.

Via: Diseno-art

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