How Can I Increase My SEO on Google Quickly? – A Guide

Increase My SEO on Google

There are a great many things you can do which will enhance your search engine optimization (SEO), and improve your rankings, and these are known steps because the algorithms used by search engines are fairly well understood. Generally speaking, search engines rank websites according to their relevance and usefulness to the users who are searching for them.

In an effort to provide the very best content to users, the search engines periodically update their approach, and refine the criteria they use to evaluate worthwhile content. However, it is much more difficult to implement SEO changes which can affect rapid improvement in your search engine rankings, because most of the tactics you could use will take a while before they really gain traction. Additionally, the cost of local SEO packages varies from agency to agency, thus, your results may be impacted by budget. Here are some of the things you might try which would have a more immediate impact on your search engine ranking.

 What Determines My Google Ranking?

Google Ranking

If you’ve ever wondered about exactly how Google ranks your website, you might be surprised to learn that there are more than 200 factors it considers when assigning specific rankings to any given website. While Google does not inform anyone about exactly what those 200 factors might be, it’s fairly easy to identify the most important factors based on experience, testing, and research.

For example, most SEO experts are aware that some of the most important factors involve site speed, site structure, keyword usage, and the time users spend on your website. Also important are the number of inbound links and the quality of those links, as well as how mobile-responsive your website is. It’s important to note that the rankings are assigned as a direct result of evaluating all these algorithms, and there’s no adjustment by humans which modifies or changes these results.

Therefore, the website which is returned at the top of the search engine results page is the one which Google has given the very best score to after assessing the 200 or so ranking factors. The thing that keeps rankings so hard to nail down is that search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms, so ranking first today might not even get you on the first page a month from now.

Everything depends on how your website ranks compared to all the other sites you’re competing against, which are those featuring the same keywords that you want to rank for. If you resent the fact that search engines have so much power in determining which websites are presented to users, consider the fact that without search engines, it would be virtually impossible to sort through all the various Internet sites to display them in any meaningful order.

Google and other search engines have designed their ranking systems to quickly sift through billions of web pages, so they can find the most useful and relevant content in a very short period of time and then display them to users. The truth is, search engines provide a very valuable service, and they do it lightning fast, so without their help, none of us would ever be able to find what we’re looking for in any reasonable amount of time.

Even if you were to be able to find content you’re looking for, there’s no way of knowing how useful it could be to you without having some kind of evaluating criteria such as those used by the major search engines. 

How Can I Quickly Increase My SEO?

While many of the steps you might take to improve your search engine ranking could take weeks or months before gaining any legitimate traction, there are some quick wins which you might try in order to quickly improve your ranking. The first of these is to check your XML sitemap and be sure that it’s registered with the Google Search Console, so that Google will be properly able to evaluate your website.

Next, you need to make sure that Google is actually crawling your website, and you can do this by logging into your Search Console, clicking on the appropriate website, and then click Fetch as Google, under the Crawl tab. The third quick win you can try is to check your indexing, and you can quickly identify how many pages Google has estimated that your site has, by checking on the number of pages Google has indexed.

The fourth step you can take is to define some goals as measurements for how frequently people take actions which you are directing them to take. By setting up some of these goals, you’ll be able to measure Google Analytics data right alongside any outcomes which are critical to you.

Keep in mind that the majority of websites which rank in the top 10 search results returned by Google are at least two years old, and most of the time they’re three years old. In order to have a more immediate impact, even to achieve a solid ranking within one year, you’ll need to follow some proven steps. The first of these is starting with a solid foundation, which means good website structure and good navigation.

Be sure that you optimize your website for mobile devices, since that weighs heavily in Google’s algorithm, and be sure to optimize your site for speed so that you don’t lose any points there. It’s also a good idea to make sure all your links are working properly, and that you have as many external links to other reputable sites as possible.

Finally, you should ensure that you have compelling and attractive titles which accurately describe the content of your website page, and you should regularly update the content itself so that it’s fresh and useful for visitors.

Grow Your Rankings Quickly Now

digital expertise

Trying to improve your search engine ranking can very often seem like trying to hit a moving target, given the fact that the search engines are constantly updating their ranking criteria. In order to be sure that you’re in sync with all the latest search engine algorithms, your best bet is to engage the services of the experts who can provide digital expertise on search engine optimization. 

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