How Do Shopify Plugins Boost Your Business Sales?

Shopify Plugins Boost Your Business Sales

Shopify powers over 800,000 websites and enables entrepreneurs to sell their products online. There are several Shopify plugins to make the process easier. These are tools developed by third-party developers and made available within the Shopify ecosystem for use.

If you’re not utilizing these plugins, then you’re missing out big time on potential sales. They are designed to generate more sales for your online store. In this article, learn how these third-party tools boost your business sales.

What Do You Understand By Shopify Plugins?

The plugins are third-party tools developed by independent developers and companies. They’re available in the Shopify App Store.

You need to install them on your Shopify store. Once done, they’ll be available for use in the dashboard.

All the plugins are intended for a specific purpose. Some are customer-facing. That means users browsing your Shopify store can see them and potentially interact with them. Others are back-end specific. So they work behind the scenes.

Nevertheless, these tools help you achieve one common goal: to generate more sales for your business. In the subsequent sections, how they help you boost sales.

1. Retarget Abandoned Cart Users

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When users come to your Shopify website, not all of them are in a position to buy straight away. Even the ones that add products to their cart aren’t necessarily going to purchase. The cart abandonment rate usually averages at 69.80%. This means, 69.80% of visitors that add products to their cart aren’t going to purchase. But, there is a high chance that they’ll eventually buy the products down the road.

Therefore, you need to retarget these abandoned cart users and keep them interested in your products. And Shopify plugins can help you in that pursuit.

There are several plugins designed for this purpose. PushOwl is one such plugin. It utilizes push notifications to send a message to the user about the cart they have abandoned. You can send a discount offer in the notification, which will prompt them to buy. Persistent cart is another plugin that keeps the cart active for a long time. So when the user revisits your website, the customer will see the cart as they left it.

2. Help Capture Email Address

As already mentioned, not everyone visiting your store will buy from you right away. But a significant proportion of those users will be open to giving their email address in exchange for something. So you need to capture their email address.

In the Shopify app store, you’re going to find several plugins that help you do so. Sales Pop Up is a plugin that enables you to create customized pop-ups. These will prompt users to submit their email addresses in exchange for a discount, ebook, or something of value. You can include urgency to leverage FOMO.

There are similar plugins for creating pop-ups. After capturing email addresses, you can retarget them with custom offers.

3. Help Make Your Products Standout

There are likely two dozen products listed on your Shopify website. To boost in-store conversion, you need to make certain products stand out. And there are several plugins for that purpose.

ModeMagic Badges can help add badges and stickers to your products. You can label them as “hot-selling,” “bestselling,” “new arrivals,” “20% off,” and other tags along those lines. These badges will catch user’s attention and prompt them to have a look.

Another plugin is Yotpo, which allows you to display reviews on your Shopify store inside a widget. Users usually get pulled to the highest-rated products. So they will sell more.

These categories of plugins allow you to display social proof or urgency, which triggers their emotion.

4. Upsell and Cross-sell Products

AI for product recommendations

Upselling and cross-selling can significantly increase your revenue per order. Inside Shopify, you can upsell effortlessly by using plugins.

Honeycomb upsell and cross-sell is a post-purchase funnel creator. This plugin recommends products to users after they’ve purchased an item. Since the products often complement each other, there is a high chance that customers will buy them. Honeycomb utilizes AI for product recommendations.

There are similar plugins meant to cross-sell and upsell with no coding whatsoever.

5. Help Customers Refer their Friends

Customers who found your products helpful will be more open to recommending the same to their friends. This is a psychological effect where we try to help our friends and family with our experience.

To facilitate this transaction, there are many plugins available for Shopify users. ReferralCandy is one of the best plugins when it comes to referral management. It can drive word-of-mouth and increase sales.

Besides the ones mentioned above, there are other categories of Shopify plugins you can use. Some of them are free, while others charge a premium. Use the ones that fit your needs and requirements.

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