How to Choose the Perfect Urban Dancewear Style for Your Next Team Competition


If your hip hop team has a dance competition coming up, aside from perfecting your performance, you’ll obviously want your costume to look ultramodern and unique; while being comfortable. This competition is important to you, so you and your team will benefit the most from choosing urban hip-hop gear as your go-to option for your performance.

Why go with urban dancewear? This dance gear is perfect because it allows for lots of movement, it looks phenomenal, and it has a whole lot of style. Cropped tees, cargo pants, and hip-hop dance shoes tell a story all their own and make the wearer look absolutely amazing while out on the dance floor. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that urban dancewear is an awesome option for your next team competition and you should seriously consider it for a number of different reasons that we’ll explain below.

Urban Dance’s Amazing Footwear


For those trying to perfect their urban look, the first place to start with is your footwear. With lots of other dance styles, the footwear is very subtle, but this is far from true when it comes to urban dance. You’re not going to be wearing tap shoes or ballet slippers out on the dance floor.

Oh no. When it comes to hip-hop dancing, you’ll be able to embrace a style from the streets while choosing an option that has stability and support to make your dance moves look amazing without having to worry about injuries.

Since hip-hop dance has reached the pinnacle of popularity, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from if not thousands at this point. You can dance in combat boots, high-top sneakers, low tops, or anything else that provides lots of support while matching your particular style and the style of the rest of the team. Plus these options are available in many colors and styles making your options are limitless.

Choosing Stylish Urban Dancewear Top 

When it comes to hip-hop dance, you will have to look different and eye-catching out on the dance floor if you’re going to impress the judges and the audience. That’s why you should focus on finding tops with a double purpose. Aside from having that ‘wow’ design, your gear has to be made out of comfortable fabric that’ll keep you cool while you work up a sweat.

Also, it’s incredibly important to find the right fabric that will not cause any chafing. At the same time, the top can’t be so loose that the dancer ends up getting entangled in it causing unnecessary problems you’d obviously rather avoid.

When finding the right top, make sure you have the dance venue in mind at all times. If you’re going to perform in a warm location, wearing a hoodie might not be the best idea. You don’t want to overheat and collapse during the middle of the performance. So think about the location, choose the right type of fabric, and make sure your style is in line with the rest of the team.

Choosing the Best Urban Dancewear Bottoms


As you attempt to find the ideal urban dancewear bottoms, choose a flexible style. The dancer will need his or her freedom to move, so it certainly has to be comfortable, look phenomenal, and have an urban hip-hop vibe.

Some phenomenal urban dancewear bottom options include camouflage pants, shorts, sweatpants, tracksuit pants, and more. Basically anything that screams hip-hop, that is easy to move around in, and that looks absolutely awesome when combined with the rest of the uniform.


It’s never easy choosing the perfect hip-hop style for dancewear. But it’s highly possible if you use this guide to your advantage.

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