Futuristic Transport Ideas: Did you see them coming?

Futuristic Transport

The world is changing, as it has always done, and with it, technology is changing also. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of transportation, with many unique and inventive futuristic transport ideas being proposed. Each country and city has distinctive needs with regards to its transport, and it is fascinating to see the various ideas that have been proposed in order to meet them. From hyper speed train systems in Abu Dhabi, flying taxis in Dubai, to city-wide magnetic pods fuelled by solar power, the future is coming at us fast.

Some of the world’s greatest minds are hard at work to make planet Earth an easier place to travel around. Elon Musk has proposed the Hyperloop – a city-to-city transport vessel capable of speeds of 760mph. Ehang Inc has created a flying taxi that can transport citizens without human control. Douglas Malewicki wants to bring the SkyTran into the world, helping Israel to combat its traffic issues by allowing passengers to be collected by a magnetic levitating pod.

There is an incredible amount of creativity going into the future of transportation, with new ideas being presented and designed all the time. The world could look very different in the coming years and decades, and there is no doubt the way we travel will soon change forever. Many of us dreamed about flying cars as a kid, and while that future hasn’t yet presented itself, the projects being worked on are no less exciting. With that being said, do take a look at this infographic which depicts some of the very best and most promising ideas being considered.

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