How to clean and take care of your lenses


Contact lenses come with great responsibility. You must clean and take care of your lenses if you want to prevent infections, blurred vision or a potentially fatal situation.

Inserting your lenses

1.      Always wash your hands

Always wash your hands

Before you insert your lenses, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and with clean water.

2.     Dry your hands thoroughly

Contact lenses are not supposed to come in contact with water. Make sure you dry your hands properly before you touch your contacts.

3.     Use a lintless towel

Use a towel that does not leave lint on your fingers. Any foreign particle on your lenses can go into your eyes and cause infections.

Removing your lenses

1.      Wash your hands


Again, wash your hands before you remove your lenses.

2.     Use a lens solution

Place your lenses in contact case and pour some contact lens solution over it to disinfect your lenses.

3.      Contact lenses that are stuck

If your contact lenses are stuck, do not panic. Blink quickly and it can help your lenses come back to the center of your eye. If it does not help, try rewetting drops. That can help lubricating the lenses which will again help you remove them. You can also buy soft forceps to remove the lenses.


  1. Change your contact lens case every 3 months.
  2. Don’t wear your lenses if your eyes are red or swollen.
  3. Refrain from wearing lenses if you have seasonal allergies.
  4. Always see a doctor if you experience any discomfort, itchiness or blurred vision.
  5. Don’t share contact lenses.
  6. Always consult your doctor if you intend on switching brands.
  7. Don’t top off your old lens solution with a new bottle. This can spread bacteria.
  8. Don’t wear your lenses while sleeping. This can cause your lenses to get stuck on your eye.
  9. Don’t wear your lenses beyond the recommended number of hours.
  10. Don’t wear lenses that have expired.
  11. Keep your fingernails to avoid scratching your lenses.
  12. Don’t wear lenses while swimming.
  13. Don’t let the tip of the lens bottle touch any unhygienic areas.

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Wearing Makeup and Lenses

Always insert your contacts first and then apply makeup. Don’t use oil-based or powder based makeup. Use hypoallergenic makeup to prevent infections. Remove your lenses first before you remove your makeup. Don’t use lash-building mascara or fake eyelashes. They can break off and land in your eye.

Colored Lenses


The instructions for taking colored lenses are almost the same as regular lenses with a few additions. Colored lenses require a little more attention as people often forget that they are medical devices as well. Colored lenses can be worn by people who want it purely for aesthetic reasons.
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1.      Don’t share non-prescription colored lenses

It may seem like a good idea but colored lenses just like regular lenses are specially made for you. Sharing lenses can spread bacteria and cause fatal infections as well.

2.      Don’t wear colored lenses all day

Colored lenses are not meant to be worn all day. Beyond the recommended number of hours, colored lenses can cause discomfort.

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