Invite Mother Nature to your homes- Go Green

With the ever increasing awareness about the natural world there are people who are getting natural and green designs home to decorate the interiors. The decor with natural objects was limited to decorating with flower arrangements and collection shells from the beaches and using them as home decoration items. However the scenario has changed now. Decorating with natural objects has a much wider option now then it was every thought about. These simple yet chic decorative natural items add a vignette to the excellence. Whether it is about the wallpapers or the lighting fixtures all are inspired by the natural trends. Rugs and accessories too are not left behind in the 2013 green trend.


Green walls

The natural design inspired wallpapers are known to all interior designer enthusiasts. If you are trying to give the interior a new look you can try out the earthy trend. The various natural style and tones of wallpaper allow you to bring a part of nature within your vicinity. Along with the wallpapers which reflect the natural world, the flora and the fauna designs and various natural art work designs are being used on the wallpapers. Along with wallpapers using natural murals and even natural toned paints are in this year. Some of the nature stirred wallpapers which are being increasingly used by most for their interiors are the leafy designs, the natural mountains and ocean images and much more.


Embrace nature as you light up your interiors. Along with using the power saver lights which are eco friendly, go green in light designs too. From the reed eco lights to the flowery chandeliers there are wide options to choose from. In spite of staying within the comfort zone, each moment, your house and its lights remind you of the bounties which nature has bestowed on you. Among the various natural eco lights which are power savers and at the same time promote natural imagery the most famous are the solar tree light design, the jellyfish chandelier, the eco color changing light and the dandelion seed lamp. Whether the light are hung from the ceiling or fixed on to the way or even kept beside the bed on the bed side table – each are unique and have the best designs on it.

Green fabric patterns

The walls and the lighting of the house are two major aspects when it comes to home decoration but we should not forget the other aspects like the accessories and the cushions and rugs. The cushion and rugs along with bed sheet too, in order to compliment the nature design and the trend can be incorporated while interior designing. The digital floral prints on the cushions and bed covers are widely being used. The various colors and tones which are bright and happy bring into the home boundary the happiness and the warmth of the natural world. From the traditional nature motivated trend to the digital print green designs on rugs are widely being used. Some of the prevalent designs are the branches, drop of light, textured daisy and reflected tree rug trends. From the silk and woolen rugs and carpets which are found there are also various colors of carpets which are being seen. After the flooring now is time to turn and pay attention to the green home decor accessories.

From the wall hangings to the table decorative items, from the bathroom decoration to the cook top decorations there are various eco decorations which are found. For those who are nature lovers they use the bizarre nature encouraged furniture’s as well. Nature designs are timeless. Get home these decorative to give the interiors a special touch of comfort.

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