iSense concept to let visually impaired use an iPad


iPad has taken the whole world by storm with its charming appeal. But there is a certain section of people who cannot experience using an iPad. The section I am talking about here is the visually impaired. They are devoid from a lot of creations that the world has to offer just because they can’t see. To make blind experience the fun of working on an iPad the iSense concept has been conceived.

The only way a blind person can read is by touching. Though iPad is operated by touch, this serves no good for this section. iSense is like a screen protector which can be wedged on the iPad screen. Special materials have been used to craft iSense, which robotically gives birth to uneven textures after acting in response to the light displayed on the screen. iSense magically converts text into Braille. This can be easily understood and read by the blind.

Don’t get fooled by the name. iSense is not an apple product and is still a concept but when it hits the market, the product will sure be accepted with open arms. Products like iSense, make life of handicapped people blissful and keeps them at power with the modern technology.

Via: dvice

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