MIT SOFT Rockers lounge chairs double as clean electricity generators

soft rockers

SOFT Rocker, don’t mistaken it to work solely as a rocker. It would mean denying optimum use of its resources knowingly or unknowingly. It’s not just a piece of outdoor furniture to relax and chill. It is designed to harvest solar energy which can be used to charge or run the compatible USB electronic gadgets like speakers, cell phones, etc. It’s an integration of design and technology for the comfort and conveyance of mankind.

The electricity generator cum furniture is capable to create an interactive 1.5 axis 35 watt solar tracking system by employing human power of balance. Solar energy harvested during the day is stored in soft power electronics especially designed for SOFT Rocks. These electronics are also used to charge the 12 ampere-hour battery of the SOFT Rocker.

Its leaf-like loop is adaptable to the latitude and angle of Sun of any site using parametric design software and automated fabrication with a lightweight Kuka robotic arm.

Via: Inhabitat

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