Michael Hilgers’ Ray Mirror makes perfect sense for minimalists

Minimalists have a hard time finding the perfect vanity for their bathrooms. Even though there are a lot of people who opt for bathroom mirrors with storage cupboards hidden behind them, users are often forced to bear having to watch their entire stash of medicines and cosmetics at one go which kinda defeats the whole purpose of minimalism itself. However, the Ray Mirror created by designer Michael Hilgers is a brand new type of bathroom mirror/cupboard combo that also makes a pretty compact and minimalist vanity as well.


Designed for the brand Ex.t, the mirror features an invisible sliding mechanism that allows the two small compartments fitted behind the mirror to slide in an out of sight at will. The pull out compartments allows users to neatly stash their toiletries and cosmetics on one side and medicines etc on the other. This keeps everything in its place and keeps the vanity well organized as well. Unlike regular bathroom mirrors with cupboards behind them that need the user to keep cosmetics in hand while they apply them looking at the mirror, the sliding drawers allow users to reach for and switch between all kinds of products they have without having to take their eyes of their reflection in the mirror.

The Ray Mirror has been designed keeping in mind the needs of minimalist decors schemes that require even objects as mundane as bathroom vanities to look stylish without looking out of place. The mirror is paired with the Ray Ceramic Washbasin that sits atop varnished steel wire braced wooden legs. The retro-look ceramic basin keeps vanity clutter to a minimum minimal while upholding the design brand’s hand-crafting aesthetic and authentic Tuscan appeal. The Ray washstand is also designed to match perfectly with shape of the glass of the mirror and makes it a suitable and stylish addition to small bathrooms.

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