Modern spy gadgets you should be aware of

Many gadgets these days are designed with inbuilt cameras or recorders that can be used to capture spy images, or to steal information without anyone noticing it. Gone are the days of the spy pen or spy button. Modern technology has much more to offer. It is important to be aware, and cautious of your privacy.

SIM Card reader

Download a Sim

Beware before leaving your cell phone unnoticed. There are many products available commercially which extract personal information from your phone. Once the phone is plugged to the PC, the task becomes easier by using a Phone File Pro drive. It extracts all personal messages, photos or videos.

spy IM

Spying through IM

Do you think your IM’s are personal and maintain privacies of your conversation? Then you are absolutely unaware of the FBI software CIPAV (Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier). It is installed via the IM and it extracts date regarding the instrument used for the chats. For eg:  Browser and OS versions, IP and MAC addresses etc. However, this software is the sole property of FBI and no other individual can use it.


Capture keystrokes

Earlier a method to get data through your personal computer was to leave behind a hardware connected to the device. However, a small USB can do the trick. It simply installs software in your PC and captures all the data. The hacker simply has to connect the Storage device and get all the data loaded. All the data from your personal computer can be stored in a fraction of a second.

Listening phone conversations

Listening phone conversations

5E telephone switches have a feature, where in it captures conversations in process and records or signals during dialogues of targeted subjects. James Atkinson who is a technical surveillance expert has mentioned its characteristics. However, the phone companies should provide access to this technology through Communications for Law Enforcement Act. These phone conversations can be recorded too.

Capture TV signal

Capture TV signal

An easy to use sniffing and decryption gear can capture any signal that passes through the cable connection. It is advisable for cable businesses to keep away from such networks. These can act as devices to identify your location too.


Private messages, photos or any other data can be easily hacked using transparent or small portable devices. Moreover, your location can also be detected with the simple use of these devices.

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