Most amazing cycling shoes ever designed

Cycling is not just a hobby but also a recognized sport. Thousands of enthusiasts participate in cycle racing. The cyclists need appropriate gear that suits their sport and enables them to perform better. Scientists and designers have come up with some cycling shoe concepts that can enhance the efficiency level of the cyclists and keep them safe while cycling through different types of roads.


Cyclists have to face odds and cross hurdles. They need a pair of shoe that offers comfort and support. Every cyclist must have a good pair of cycling shoes. Designers have not overlooked the requirements of the bikers. In the following, we have listed most amazing concepts of cycling shoes.


ASSOS Cycling Slipper G1:

A research team of the ASSOS is presently working on a wonderful cycling shoe concept called the Cycling Slipper G1. The team understands that a cycling shoe must provide power to the feet of the cyclist. They have made a shoe, which will mould to the exact shape of the wearers fit and give him or her perfect comfort. The sole of the shoe is made of carbon sole and the body of the slipper is made of Kangaroo leather. This shoe is light in weight and breathable.


Urbanized Cycling Shoe:

Jillian Tackaberry has designed the Urbanized Cycling Shoe. One common problem for the urban cyclists is the rain and traffic. They need good grip and comfort during the rainy and muddy seasons. Jillian’s concept shoe counters these problems. It is a rain and weatherproof shoe for the urban cyclists.


Pedal Pusher cycling shoes: 

Two women have designed the Pedal Pusher cycling shoe concept. They have invented a shoe for women cyclists that have LED lights on the toe and heel area for more visibility in dark roads. They are now trying to enhance the design by making it weatherproof, comfortable, and stretchable.


Luce Cycling Shoe:

The Luce Cycling Shoe is another amazing concept shoe for the cyclists that use the kinetic power from continuous pedaling to light the shoes. The lights will help the drivers in dark streets notice the cyclists from far and avoid an accident. Many accidents occur due to the lack of lighting on streets. Luce Cycling Shoe has been designed to change that scenario.


Cycling shoe concepts are being designed with the particular needs of the urban and professional cyclists in mind. The designers are giving equal attention to functionality and comfort.

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