Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley for easy transportation

Personal Electric Vehicle collapses into a trolley

Keeping in mind the popular trend of sustainability, many people are switching to electrical vehicle. Unlike popular misconception, these vehicles are neither over expensive nor less functional. The little disadvantages that they have would disappear when they would become as popular as gas or petrol vehicle. Even right now, there’s such a variety of options among the electric vehicles that it might become very hard to make a choice. Therefore, for your ease, we are describing here Personal Electric Vehicle and some other most innovative e-vehicles that are taking the market by the storm.

Personal Electric Vehicle

personal electric vehicle

With ever-increasing traffic on roads, the personal means of transport is becoming popular day by day. But how about an EV, which can be snapped and carried anywhere? Keeping the pollution factor and traffic chocked roads in mind, designer Alan Fratoni has designed a compact means of transportation, dubbed the “Personal Electric Vehicle,” which allows clean and brisk commutation on packed out intercity roads.

Alan wanted to craft a vehicle which could carry a person from one point to the other, like from their home to a bus stop, metro station or subway. Normally, a person is expected to park his automobile before boarding a bus or train, but not in this case. You can easily collapse the vehicle and carry it with you with ease. You can use this vehicle as a trolley to carry luggage or for that matter of fact anything. Once you reach your destination, erect the vehicle and ride on it again.

Crafted in a sleek manner, it has three wheels that provide a great balance. You can charge it anywhere without the restriction of pumping it with life only in a garage. Personal Electric Vehicle is an answer to all the short distance travel, and that too the eco-friendly way. Easy to charge and comfortable to ride, it will roll into your heart in no time.

[Thanks Alan]

Some similar electric vehicle design concepts

1. Electric Vehicle by Ana Kuczwara Topczylo

electric vehicle 1 4AQdG 17621
With winters getting colder by the day, driving in icy terrains are getting difficult and risky too. However, an Argentine designer Ana Kuczwara Topczylo has popped up with an innovative vehicle that promises to transport the passengers even in some of the most freezing weather conditions. Hailed as ‘Electric Vehicle,’ the futuristic van features the shape of a capsule, ensuring the safety of passengers. There isn’t much info available about the material, fuel and technology of the vehicle. However, this much we know that it’ll feature an weather resistant exterior and a temperate interior. These would keep commuters safe and warm in the chilly conditions. The Electric Vehicle could be an ideal mode of transportation for winter sports people, moving them briskly to the place of events.

2. Ultra Light Electric Vehicle (ULEV)

ulev 04

Electric Vehicles have suddenly conquered the minds of people with their charm. Taking the impressing spree a step further is Chris Daisy who has designed an electric car named ULEV: Ultra Light Electric Vehicle. As the name suggests the vehicle has been designed keeping in mind that its weight should be less than 600 pounds, which is just a quarter of what other cars in this category weigh.

All the parts including unibody shell, chassis, roll cage, suspension linkages, hub shells, fenders, fairings and spoiler have been made out of carbon fibre which drops down the overall weight of the vehicle even further. The designers are making gret efforts to carve the car in a unique yet eye-appealing manner. Cutting down on weight doesn’t mean that the designing will suffer at any cost. ULEV is apt for today’s internet crazy generation. It has varied entertainment and internet surfing options, touchscreen displays along with voice commands. To help the driver pay attention on the road, joysticks have programmable hotkeys.

Another vivid feature is its flexibility to drive from both sides. It feels more like enjoying a video game and not stressful. The wheels are not hefty at all. They have a very trim shape. An internal disc brake and electric motor couples directly with the wheels. The motor takes care of the braking mostly and offers extra charge to the batteries. When the weather gets pleasant outside, driving in a closed car acts like a mood spoiler but ULEV will make sure you enjoy every bit of the charming climate. Both the doors of ULEV can easily fit behind the seats that allow you to interact with the weather outside.

ULEV, despite its lightweight will offer you all the comforts that a gasoline operated vehicle does.

3. Autonomous electric vehicle ‘Autonomi’

autonomi electric car by anthony franze 2

Designed by Anthony Franze, a student designer from the University of South Australia, the “Autonomi” is a vehicle concept that offers an emission free as well as driverless commutation, for the multifunctional vehicle comes integrated with an autonomous system to move passengers safely to their destinations. Intended to pick up passengers from airports, the zero-emission vehicle provides a special identification card to allow entry to commuters. It generates its power from four 120KW electric hub motor. Moreover, it gets its fuel by onboard batteries. You can recharge them at docking stations. Furthermore,  the electric vehicle al features flexible seats, capable of turning at 180 degrees, to move passengers in utmost comfort.

4. Eco Mobilité

eco mobilite 01

Commissioned by Eco Mobilité, French Company based in Poitou Charentes, designer Josson Thomas has come up with a low-cost electric vehicle that bends to individual needs of the riders. Presenting minimal yet functional design, the semi-urban vehicle is made in recycled materials that other than offering a low-cost ride also help in sustaining the environment. Removing the trunk for extra space, the vehicle by the French designer integrates cupboards all through the carrier. Designed to be rented in peri-urban areas, the modular vehicle features a number of symmetrical parts that the commuters can alter according to their space likings or requirements.

5. Exprecity


Electric vehicles are ruling the roost these days. Given the high levels of pollution pervading our environment, strict measures are being taken to curb not only this, but even to come up with ways to avoid the same.

Traveling around, may it be from work to our home, or simply going on a leisure trip down to the nearest mall, park or to a friend’s house has become indispensable without the use of locomotives. With locomotives being the obvious choice, we end up harming our environment in not just one but numerous ways.

Given the high levels of pollution, there is a need to think of something which would be able to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, to help us be mobile and to curb the pollution levels.Coming up with an ingenious idea of an electric vehicle, Exprecity, the light electric vehicle is the answer to all our problems. Not only are they good looking, they are convenient to maneuver, agile in their movement, and can be handled as swiftly as possible in heavy traffic conditions.

The best part of these vehicles is that they are the environment-friendly and prove to be the coolest way to travel. Of the many prototypes available in the market, Exprecity is just one of them. Though, the model is still under construction, the same can prove to be a blessing for all our environment and pollution problems.

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