Reiki ForU: Making tea brewing a personal experience

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Design can compliment utility products like a tea brewing kit to admirable limits but, that can only happen when someone is given a theme as trendy as-design an experience of brewing tea. Ideas alone cannot make you successful, and you need a brain that materializes it successfully and this is what has exactly happened with the Reiki ForU, which makes tea brewing an extremely personal affair.

Design Status

It is a mere design which would surely be implemented when people take to tea brewing as a personal experience.

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It is all about making tea brewing a personal experience, and the designer takes inspiration from the act of brewing in Japan. The usage of both plastic and wood on different levels of the kit is all about that theme. It heats up the water to the requisite temperature (indicated by a green light), through a heated pitcher at the base. It also houses two cups provoking the user to make it a shared act.
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Kelly Bremer is a product design enthusiast, be it about designing for the fashion industry or the automotive after-market. Currently a fifth semester junior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI, we hope that he continues to excel fervently in this field.

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