Twirl House unites nature and habitat under a roof

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The future promises to be green as I lay my eyes on the ‘Twirl house’ set up. In contrast to the current urban skyline, crammed with concrete sky-scrappers, this sprawling complex stands out for its out-of-the-box design. Architect Julien De Smedt has conceived a futuristic housing complex, set in a lush green landscape. Intending to retain the original flow of the nature, he has visualized the Twirl house set up for the Ao-di site, located on the northeastern coast of Taiwan for NEXT-GENE project. Signifying the need to bring nature and humans closer, this development makes the best of the nature’s renderings.

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Design Status:
Twirl House is yet a concept designed for the next- gene 20 project.
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The buildings seem to be carved out of the hilltops, akin to ancient cave settlements. Equipped with recreation facilities like swimming pool, this dream world consists of well-furnished inhabitable patio houses. Cleverly designed to hide from the view, the structures seem to be set into the ground. However, the peaks of the mild slopes make an ideal location to view the fantastic spread.
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Though not much has yet been revealed about the interiors and the materials involved in erecting the Twirl house, I can visualize myself sitting in one of these dens in the near future. For those who nurse an urge to get out of the concrete jungle, Twirl house makes and ideal location.

Via: Designboom/ Nextgene20

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