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As sustainability is trending right now, you want your scooter to be eco-friendly. Opting for an electric scooter is a nice and affordable way of going green. In addition, they are also extremely light and easy to ride. Moreover, there are many latest sustainable scooter designs like Roboscooter that you can fold and keep in your suitcase. Furthermore, when you have some solar charger with you, you don’t have to worry about gas, petrol, or even electricity. Here are some extremely innovative electric scooter designs for you. Check them out.



Displayed at the Icsid World Design Congress during Singapore Design Week 09, the “Roboscooter” by Smart Cities Group is an electric scooter. It enfolds in a compact design to reduce your parking as well as carbon footprint. Generating power from lithium-ion batteries, the portable scooter other than its condensed configuration also touts in-wheel electric motors and a cast aluminum frame that makes it lightweight yet durable. Much like the 50cc gasoline scooters, the Roboscooter is clean, silent and needs slight parking space. Compared to the 1,000 to 1,500 parts of an equivalent gasoline-powered scooter, the Roboscooter only integrates 150 parts, which makes it simple, cost-effective and easy to maintain. Moreover, the detachable batteries are very small in size and can be charged at home with minimum fuss.

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Electric scooter ideas like Roboscooter


nexus 05

Ever since the suitcase got wheels, designers have been trying to create some extraordinary ones for an elite group of people. One of the best examples of this is the Suitcase Bike. It got wide attention when it was launched back in 2007. Here is yet another interesting concept that will surely turn heads if it becomes real. While the NEXUS electric-powered suitcase/scooter by Argentine designer Francisco Lupin is designed for short travels inside the airports, we won’t mind it taking outside too. The suitcase features 18 lots of physical space and can support users weighing up to 110 kg.

It has two front wheels that are moved by two electric engines. A built-in pack of four 12 V batteries offers the owner two hours of usage. The power plug located on the front of the suitcase can use either 110v or 220v. The body of the suitcase-com-scooter is made of P.P and a few T.P.E elastomer pieces. On the other hand, the direction pipe and handlebar are made of 6061 aluminum.

The ignition system has been integrated into the handlebar, with the velocity controller on the right hand, to let the users sprint from zero to 15 km/h. If the concept ever meets realism, it would be a great solution for those who have to spend hours at places like airports, railway stations or multiplexes.

2. Anaxyrides

So you thought scooters were anachronistic, antiquated, downright outdated? Here’s news for you! Peugeot Motorcycles and DesignVillage think differently and want this class of vehicle carry on into the third millennium, perhaps with greater magnetism. There’s an international contest going on on the website with the theme of “Designers and design about the scooter and his image referred to the third-millennium teenager”.

There is clearly an attempt to project this mode of transport in futuristic and visionary ways. Anaxyrides is an entry by an Italian designer, Federico Bergese. The concept scooter has the characteristic good looks of a concept vehicle and simultaneously in terms of the description too it stands out. Marrying the green movement with designing elegance, Anaxyrides is a remarkable vision.

A low-emission engine works on LPG, making Anaxyrides perfect for the urban scenario. The propulsion system is state-of-the-art and the sleek body is made of light and versatile materials. The design epitomizes lightness and deftness. Everything unnecessary is removed to make Anaxyrides an eye-candy. Among other evolutions proposed are mono-shock front and glove compartments at the level of platforms and not under the saddle. A slew of green features tops the cherry on this concept with ABS reformed hulls, polymer-based polyurethane, and tires of plant origin. You dismissed scooters all right, well, Anaxyrides is the new avatar. Scooters will be back, with vengeance!

3. Koenigsegg Scooter

koenigsegg scooter

Increasing number of personal vehicles is resulting in messy traffic jams on urban roads, bringing the metropolitan cities to a standstill. And, not to talk about health concerns due to ever-increasing air pollution. Providing a way-out, designer Sally Ng has come up with a stylish two-wheeler dubbed the “Koenigsegg Scooter” that other than allowing quick and comfortable commutation also lets the rider keep up with modern lifestyle. Based on an existing automotive brand, the scooter concept measures 2,175 x 785 x 1,460mm (LWH) in dimensions. Presenting 1,470mm wheelbase, the Koenigsegg allows 165mm ground clearance, while seating the rider comfortably at 790mm. Since the scooter is designed with environmental issues in mind, it will possibly generate power from an electric engine.

4. Movito

The alluring aspect of concept vehicles, apart from being clean and green, is that they just give the glimpse of the modes of transportation, which of course is mesmerizing, in the days to come. Brainchild of Tai Chiem, the “Movito” is yet another sustainable electric scooter of the future that claims the top spot in the “Create the future Design Contest” organized by NASA. Comprised with two modular parts, an upper scooter chassis and a base, the Movito generates power from a carbon-cutting in-wheel electric motor, placed at the base, which can be removed (or aligned in parallel, for that matter) to create a two-seater vehicle.

The modular base of the vehicle can generate force through rechargeable batteries as well. The in-wheel motor also supports a slim chassis that helps in reducing the weight of the scooter to a certain extent. Moreover, the urban vehicle comes fully integrated with a GPS system with a touchscreen interface, navigating you through the complex web of roads smoothly and safely.

5. Naja sports scooter

naja sports scooter

When it comes to speed and balance, motorcycles featuring an aerodynamic or symmetrical design have a clear edge over scooters. Reviving the conventional look as well performance, the “Naja” from Wipe2 is a hyper-sport scooter. It comes with a refined handlebar and footrests. These allow a racing-motorbike-like driving position to the trendy riders. Incorporating a transverse mono-beam frame, the Naja scooter is not only ideal for the cramped city roads. Moreover, it can also be used as a sports vehicle on the racing tracks. Powered by a two stroke 50cc engine, the sports scooter comes with both – auto and kick start functions. The hyper-sport scooter looks set to run the motorbikes for their money, if not outclass, in the days to come.

6. Moto Tessuto Electric Scooter

moto tessuto

Adding feathers to the cap of electric bikes, Moto Tessuto is the latest two-wheeler mobility. Apart from providing a clean ride, it also offers an ample amount of storage room. Designed by Milan-based designer Marco Ferreri, the scooter gets dressed in the outfit of a fabric bodywork. The scooter concept features a storage section in front and at the back. In addition, there are small pockets behind the handlebars and the sides of the seat. The battery too is concealed under the outfit of the scooter. It leaves your two-wheeler daintily dressed to step down on the roads. Furthermore, it also ensures accessibility, comfort and above all abundant space for storage. In fact, Moto Tessuto definitely needs to be the next road runners on the urban avenue.

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