Sea King rides luxury over the waves

The Sea King

Yachts are symbols of luxury. Therefore, it is no wonder that they usually have the latest technological boat upgrades. However, if we go by the popular design concepts, in the near future, yachts too would become mainstream. With electricity and human power as their main source of energy, they would defy the current definition of yachts. No wonder,  we are sure to see many experiments in this field. Yachts like The Sea King show this new approach perfectly well. So let us check its design features along with other futuristic yacht designs.

The Sea King

sea king
Intended for the Middle Eastern market, the “Sea King” by Adam Schacter is a luxury yacht that blends classic and contemporary design, evoking a sense of minimalist class and quality.

Consisting almost entirely of wood, the bespoke yacht concept segregates in two decks. The top deck accommodates a cockpit, passenger bench, and two sun loungers. All of them have leather finish with metal and wood detailing. While on the other hand, the lower deck includes a double bedroom, living quarters with mini bar and fold-out bed, together with a kitchenette, drinks bar and bathroom. Moreover, Amalgamating sleek lines with ornate detailing, the Sea King uses natural materials including the finest cedar, mahogany and marante wood, apart from Connolly leather, contrasted with elegantly crafted stainless steel components, to pull off an exclusive and luxurious look that rouses a sense of understated excellence.

Powered by twin gas turbines linked to water jets, run by a drive-by- wire system in the cockpit, the 60ft (approximately) concept yacht can reach a top speed of 120 knots. Furthermore, the Sea King will transport passengers around adjacent islands, fulfilling all the requirements necessary for an overnight stay, conferring them with modern luxuries in the secluded yet mesmerizing islands.

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Some more luxury yacht concepts like Sea King

1. Hermes 66 Eco Yacht

hermes 66 eco yacht 01

Balancing luxury and sustainability, designer Ben Mazur has come up with a stunning yacht design that promises environmentally luxurious sails in utmost comfort. “Hermes 66,” the eco yacht has hemp fiber finishing along with linseed oil-based resins. Furthermore, it also makes use of sustainable hydrofoil and aerofoil technologies to combat the performance of its motorized counterparts, but without harming the eco-system. Therefore, the eco-friendly yacht by the British designers simply becomes an inspiration for the yacht manufacturers tossing up between the eco and luxury travel.

2. Ra yacht


Winner of the World Superyacht Young Designer of the year award, American designer Adam Voorhees has come up with a unique boat named the “Ra Yacht” that aims to “blend luxury with comfortable living and an appreciation of the nautical environment.” Presenting fewer decks in comparison to similar size liners, the luxury yacht touts a helipad and swimming pool at the rear to sail you in comfort, while the drop down side panels open up the main living level to the sea. Integrating gesture driven interfaces for effortless navigation, the Superyacht accommodates five guest rooms, crew cabins and guest living quarters underneath the owner’s suite on the upper level.

3. Epiphany Yacht

epiphany yacht

Yachts are becoming a thing of luxury and pushing designers to create unique pieces which will cover the stretches of water with panache. Therefore, Nathan Gendotti along with Caan Yaylali and John Guarino has designed a yacht christened Epiphany that comes with an ability to transform and measures 113 feet in length and 30 feet in breadth. The yacht that looks like a sports car has been given a sleek appearance with all the swiftness intact. Once it touches a dock or cove a whole new experience unfurls transforming it instantly.

It has a range of 10 knts/900rpm 3000 N.Miles, at 15knts/2000rpm 2500 N.Miles and at 20knts/2500rpm 1800 N.Miles. In addition, the hull beautifully conceals the anchor in the triangle shaped cuts that are present at the bow of the yacht. Moreover, the cuts slide and drop down the anchor straight into the water body. The deck is quite spacious and comes decorated with a hot tub placed in the center.

Looking down from the helm is a living room that comes attached with a balcony for unrestricted view. The dining room comes attached with a kitchen which will further take you till the two guest bunks that have been positioned in the bow. Another stairwell will lead you till the guest suite and also the entrance to the master suite.

The roof slides open and has a 16 foot diameter opening. It is the same as the main entrance of the superstructure. Extending out from the rear of the yacht is a back platform. Furthermore, storage space is created as the half of the stairs on the port side can be lifted up and slid under the deck. Epiphany Yacht is all about clubbing comfort with a speedy experience.

4. Eco yacht concept

Luxury Yacht Concept

Yacht is like a luxury item floating on the surface of water. Taking one for a spin can be a breathtaking experience. It will transport you to a world where a direct connection with untainted surroundings can be formed. Francesco Struglia has come up with the 35m yacht concept to help you dive in sumptuousness.

The young designer from Rome (Italy) has crafted the luxury piece for A-Sign Studio. It has been built in a classy manner and will add a royal streak to the life of people earning megabucks. The masterpiece will have a fiberglass reticular structure that will rest directly on the hull. This will give birth to a free living room plant and a fresh and unique shape to the main deck . The photovoltaic modules have been split into two different levels in the bow. The total area of the panels change from 37 square meter to 62 square meter. The average electricity production will be approximately 6kW. This will take care of all the electric consumption and air conditioning as well.

The yacht has been designed in a way to provide ultimate comfort to the user. It will unfurl panoramic views and shower unending tranquility. The designer has wedged the best of equipments in all the cabins situated in the lower deck stateroom. The 35m yacht concept will live up to your expectations and move on watery surfaces with a lot of pizazz.

5. Gran Marlin 46 concept yacht

Gran Marlin 46 concept yacht

Contemporary architecture has been combined with the simplistic design of fisherman boats for making the Gran Marlin 46 concept yacht look brilliant. Though the exterior of this yacht resembles futuristic watercrafts but the interiors are more traditionally decorated. Furthermore, the designers of Keyframe Studio have utilized available space intelligently for making the yacht comfortable for users.

6. Jazz Yacht Jazz Yacht

Designed by Zaha Hadid, who is revered as one of the best architects of our age, the Jazz Yacht is a spectacular vessel to behold. The yacht looks like it has been transported from the seas of a futuristic society which is much advanced in terms of technology and architecture. It has a brilliant exoskeleton yet the interiors are luxurious and spacious.

7. Sand Craft 122

Sand Craft 122

This one is a powerful yacht design concept that comes with two Rolls Royce engines that give 14,000 horsepower. The top speed of this yacht is around 43 knots. It has four double state rooms, reception area and also a salon with 52 inch LCD TV. The Sand Craft 122 also has a supercar and garage space for keeping it.

8. Adastra Adastra

The concept of Adastra yacht was designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Design Ltd. At present, it is being developed by McConaghy Boats in Zhu Hai, China. The sleek and futuristic looking yacht will have only one 1000HP diesel engine that gives 24 knots. Furthermore, there are one master cabin and two guest cabins for accommodating the passengers comfortably. In addition, the outrigger shape of this yacht gives it more stability on the water during long voyages.

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This yacht concept looks less like a yacht and more like a small luxury island. The design of this 325 foot wide, 11 story yacht has been made by Yacht Island Design. Furthermore, it has got a luxury casino, restaurants, huge swimming pools, 360-degree observation deck, and several rooms.

New age yacht design concepts are focusing more on technological excellence and simple yet magnificent exteriors. Every futuristic yacht concept offers some brilliant and astonishing features in terms of design and facilities.

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