Six unique and creative designs made using recycled cans

Recycling is the smartest way of keeping our environment clean. Cans are one of the most often recycled items. Aluminum cans are very popular and used by millions every day. We throw away the soda cans without thinking that the material used to make the can is a perishable natural resource and a day will come when human race will suffer from acute lack of metals like aluminum, copper and iron. Many of the aluminum can are recycled and used again in other industrial products. If you are a recycling enthusiast then you may like to try some fresh ways of recycling old and used cans in the best innovative manner. Take cues from the following list of items made by recycling old cans.


Beer Can Lanterns

They can brighten your room and give it a slightly edgy look. They can be used instead of candles to give you a romantic ambience perfect for a romantic date night. Illumination is not the only thing these beer lanterns are capable of; they also bring your favorite star near you. If you want to make them yourself then you have to do it with lots of patience to carve the face of your favorite action hero or beauty queen perfectly.

Solar Heater from Cans

We often throw away the beer cans or soda cans in the trash being for being sorted by local recycling facility. You can stock up the beer cans for making a solar heater which will take only two days to complete. It can give you an additional 15 degrees of heat in the winter months. The only requisite is enough sun rays.


A Soda Can Sofa

Short on cash for furniture? Make your own cozy sofa, which will make your buddies proud, using beer/ soda cans. Making the couch with soda cans gives you the perfect excuse for chugging soda or beer. May be it is not suitable in the front drawing room but in your den it will fit perfectly.

Wall art or storage units

A little personal touch with the help of cans is a great interior decoration idea. Use colored papers and glue for giving the beer cans some makeover and turn them into pen, pencil and other stationary utility goods.


Mini Garden

Small spice trees and herbs can be nurtured at a corner of your apartment inside tiny cans. This way you get fresh food and nature stays clean.

Can clothing

Designer Alexis Chong has made a gorgeous dress using the tops of soda cans as the primary material. You can try this too in your own way.

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