Spunky Dresses Crafted Out of Waste Materials and Other Sources

A lot of dress designers are going green with new eco-friendly fiber and material, however, the designers who choose to make amazing trendy dresses out of waste or alternate sources and also to pass a social or environmental message are perhaps the most creative of them all.  There are a lot of innovations in the world of garment designing to create some of the most fashionable attires of all times, which apparently have their sources in toilet tissue paper, cans, wrappers, plastic bags amongst other quirky products.  Here are the most innovative gowns that have created a buzz on the fashion circuit:


A Gown Made Out of Toilet Paper

One look at this pretty detailed wedding gown made in baby pink and white and you are bound to fall in love with it.  But behold, for it is made out of toilet paper!  Looking at this gown no one would ever think that it is entirely crafted by putting rolls of pink and white toilet paper together, but yes that is so.



Attire Made out of Balloons in a Twisted Style



These gorgeous dresses have a certain dream-like quality about them with their symmetry and spherical detailing.  One close look at these outfits, and you will realize that these are colored balloon that have been twisted and put together to create amazing gowns that can only be worn while standing, as sitting down would ‘burst’ the dress from its seams!

A Telephone Book Creation



Just imagine all those telephone books/directories piling up ever year without any purpose in life.  Here is a designer who finally gave those somber phonebooks a new lease of life with this super chic frilly dress that is entirely crafted out of the pages from a telephone book.  It has been hand made with simple resources, which makes it a work of art.


Rubber Glove Gown


Susie MacMurray from Britain has decided to give a bride an elegant environmentally-friendly wedding gown that is entirely made by putting together 1400 rubber gloves (that have been inverted of course!) to create a stunning designer piece.


 Condom Gowns to promote Safe Sex and AIDS Awareness



This gown might seem a little strange when you become aware of it’s origins, but it was actually a part of an awareness campaign in China by a condom factory to promote safe sex and AIDS awareness.  This gown looks absolutely amazing and no one can make out that it is made completely out of condoms.

Can Fashion


There is so much waste generated from all those drinking cans that are disposed and not even recycled.  However, this Can Dress has proved that cans can be worn, even though it is not for long!


Priceless Dress


This dress is actually the $100,000 cash price of the 50 Million Lottery Giveaway. This priceless dress is made out of authentic British Pound paper currency!





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