The Best Locations to Acquire Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey

The Best Locations to Acquire Real Estate in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. It is the economic, cultural, and historical capital of the country. The city borders on the Bosphorus Strait and is located at the junction of Europe and Asia. More than 15 million people live in this city, which is 19% of the total population of the country. It is the most densely populated European metropolis. Foreign investors make investments in such residential properties as properties in Mahmutlar and other popular seaside areas.

When choosing a place for the purchase of Istanbul real estate, buyers should consider the following factors:

  • their budget;
  • the purpose of this purchase (a buy-to-live option, a holiday home, or a buy-to-invest asset);
  • their lifestyle;
  • their workplaces;
  • transport services;
  • social life;
  • infrastructure (neighbouring schools, hospitals, shops, banks, etc.).

Turk.Estate experts have compiled a selection of the top neighbourhoods in Istanbul to help potential buyers in making the best choice.

Available properties: Esenyurt

Esenyurt is located on the edge of the European part of Istanbul. It is one of the best areas for buyers on a budget. The district’s location is the main reason for the relatively low home prices. Since it is in the interior of the province, the cost of its housing units compares favourably with coastal villas and apartments with sea views.

Esenyurt is one of the leading places that draw the attention of investors and end-users. Despite the low prices compared to other popular tourist locations, they are still growing due to the active development of new residential projects, parks, cultural centers, and transport infrastructure.

Premium apartments: Besiktas

Besiktas is one of the most expensive districts in Istanbul. The neighbourhood stretches along the coast of the Bosphorus. It offers a wide range of premium apartments. There are also luxurious mansions for summer holidays. In the past, these homes belonged to the Ottoman monarchs and other high-society members.

Today, some of them are hotels and museums, while others are still private properties and protected. In terms of cost per square meter, Besiktas is the most expensive location on the European coast.

Tourist center: Fatih

Fatih is the most sought-after area in terms of tourism statistics. In the past, the rulers of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires lived here. This district is home to outstanding historical sites, including the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace. Investors who want to make money by buy-to-let real estate should take a closer look at this particular location.

Lively atmosphere: Kadikoy

Kadikoy, the world-famous district of Istanbul, also attracts a huge number of tourists wishing to dive into vibrant nightlife and visit the famous fish market. This sophisticated coastal city’s top attractions include Haydarpasa Railway Station and Baghdad Avenue, which is considered as a shoppers’ paradise.

Kadikoy is located in the central part of the city and borders on the Uskudar district, also has excellent ferry connections to European areas. Many locals who work in the opposite areas of Istanbul rely on this form of transportation.

Family-friendly area: Uskudar

Uskudar is located on the Anatolian side of the Bosporus Strait, facing Besiktas. It borders on Kadikoy, Umraniye, and Beykoz. The area attracts investors and end-users with various green spaces, historical attractions, and modern homes. The Maiden’s Tower and Fethi Pasha Grove are nearby. Families with children enjoy living in Uskudar as the location has many opportunities for leisure and recreation and relatively low prices compared to other districts on the Asian side.

Fashionable place: Beyoglu

Beyoglu, also known as “New Istanbul”, is the best place for shopping, partying, fine dining, and participating in cultural and art events. The Independence Monument, Flower Passage, and the French Street cultural center on Istiklal Avenue, the busiest Turkish thoroughfare, draw tourists and local residents.

Cihangir is situated in Beyoglu. This is the heart of the so-called “New Istanbul”. Currently, it is one of the most famous neighbourhoods among foreign tenants and buyers of Turkish real estate. The best restaurants, vibrant nightlife, accessible transportation, and a wide variety of shops attract expats despite the higher rents and home prices. That is why local real estate is appealing to investors.

Assistance with buying property in Turkey

Buyers can choose the best option and receive support at every stage of a real estate transaction from highly qualified Turk.Estate experts, regardless of where in Turkey they want to purchase a home. To view the top offers currently available on the Turkish real estate market, go to the aggregator’s official website.

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