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Stellar Converter for OLM

Mac and Windows versions of Outlook save a local copy of your inbox in a data file, but the formats are different. All versions of Outlook for Mac 2011–2019 save mailbox information in an OLM file in the user profile folder.

You can also easily export your mailbox contents (emails, attachments, contacts, notes, etc.) from Outlook for Mac to an OLM file with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, you cannot import the OLM data file from Outlook for Mac into Outlook for Windows. Email contents stored in an OLM file will need to be converted to the PST format supported by Outlook for Windows before they can be backed up or accessed in Outlook.

This is where the Stellar converter for OLM comes into picture. Stellar Converter for OLM is a third-party utility that makes converting easier by hiding the technical details from the user behind an easy-to-use interface. Let us learn more about the software in the coming sections:

What is the Stellar Converter for OLM?

Whether you’re looking to move from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows or Office 365, Stellar Converter for OLM can help. Emails, attachments, contacts, messages, journals, notes, etc. are only some of the Outlook objects that can be extracted and converted by the software from the Mac Outlook data file to the Outlook-compatible PST format. Maintaining the original folder structure and hierarchy during the conversion from OLM to PST ensures that your data remains unaltered.

The OLM file’s contents can be exported to and imported into Microsoft Outlook (.pst) and Office 365, as well as MSG, EML, PDF, HTML, and RTF. All OLM files from Outlook for Mac versions are supported and can be converted using this application.

The need for Stellar Converter for OLM

Files saved in Outlook’s PST format can be opened in Windows. However, Windows Outlook cannot open files saved in the “.olm” format, which is unique to Mac devices. So here, we need to convert OLM files into PST files and use an OLM to PST converter to access the imported objects from the Mac.

Features of Stellar Converter for OLM

Smart saving options for converted files:

After the conversion is complete, the converted files can be saved in various formats, including PST, using the Stellar Converter for OLM’s smart saving options. As well as the.pst format, it can save several others, including.msg,.eml, and.html. Once the OLM file has been converted into a PST file, you can append it to an already existing PST file or save it as a new one.

Free Preview of Converted OLM Mailbox Items:

This program will let you see the converted OLM mailbox items in a three-pane window for free, so you can ensure everything was transferred over correctly. The selected file’s name and associated email items will appear in a tree format in the left pane. In the left pane, you’ll see a list of the converted OLM file emails, and in the right pane, you’ll see the content of individual emails.

Keeping original formatting while converting Mac Outlook to PST: The primary function of this program is to transform Mac-sent Outlook files (including emails, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, and calendars) into Windows-compatible PST files. Here, the order of folders is preserved during any transformation. Your Mac Outlook mailbox’s settings and data will remain unaltered during the conversion.

View a complete inventory of your OLM documents: This application has a browse function that lets you search through your OLM files to locate the one you’re looking for. This is a great tool to have when you need access to files but don’t know where they are. Once the OLM files have been located, a list of them will be displayed; from there, you can choose which ones to convert into PST format.

Automatic software upgrades:

This Stellar to OLM converter will receive regular updates to fix bugs, add new features, and improve performance in real-time. The OLM to PST converter program has an update function called “Update Wizard” that will alert you when an update is available for download. Regarding updates, minor ones are always free, while major ones require registration.

Save log report of the process:

You may save the log report of converting OLM to PST or any other format using this software. This allows you to collect and evaluate data at each stage of the process. Details of any problems encountered during the conversion process are recorded in this Log report. Go to the “View” menu and pick “Log Report” to see the log report.

Vast compatibility:

This Stellar converter for OLM is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 Operating Systems. The converted messages can be read in 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and 2003.

The Pricing Model

You can test the software’s functionality with a free demo version. The user must pay the listed price for the software to gain access to additional features and extend the product’s lifespan. A purchase of a Stellar Converter for OLM will cost anywhere around:

  • For Standard pack: $39
  • For Technician pack: $99

Both of these subscriptions are valid for a full 12 months. Packs are available in a variety of customizations to suit your needs.

How Does The Stellar Converter For OLM Demo Version Perform?

Stellar Converter for OLM’s Free Demo version is designed to let you “Try before you Buy,” so you can test the program’s features and capabilities without spending any money.

The “subject line” and “message of the body” of the converted OLM file can be viewed in the trial version of Stellar Converter for OLM. After purchasing and activating the software, users will have access to the converted OLM file in PST, Office 365, etc., as well as all of its contents and attachments.

If you purchase a license, you will have unrestricted access to all of the software’s features.

Stellar Converter for OLM: Pros & Cons


  • Smooth Operation
  • Easy to use, safe software
  • It provides several different ways to save
  • Comfortable navigation for the average user
  • Delivers a faultless, effective performance
  • Compatibility with the 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Outlook 2013/2010/2007


  • Slightly costlier premium plans
  • Only supports the English language

Is It Safe To Use The Stellar Converter For OLM?

The Stellar converter for OLM is safe to install and can be scanned with anti-malware software. It is a dependable software to convert OLM files into PST files. Using this app, you wouldn’t experience any mishaps because it is one of the finest. Lastly, it won’t damage your device.

Final Verdict: Hit or Miss?

Stellar Converter for OLM is a robust application that can accurately and reliably convert Outlook for Mac Data File (OLM) to Outlook PST.

Thanks to the software’s intuitive design, the conversion process can be carried out with little to no involvement from or reliance on trained professionals. In addition, by previewing mailbox information before activating the software, the trial version aids in determining the outcome of the conversion procedure. The result is a guarantee of a perfect conversion.

Stellar Converter for OLM lets us easily transfer information from Mac Outlook to a PST file, which can then be used with Windows for Outlook. Transferring mailbox information manually is simplified as a result. With just a few mouse clicks, you can easily change the OLM file format to the PST format. However, the scanning process could take a while, depending on the mailbox size. Additionally, Outlook 2019 and later versions will work with the application.


  1. Is this software secure to use?

Stellar, the leading producer of Outlook add-ins, guarantees the safety of their OLM converter.

  1. What is the validity of the license for this software?

The regular and technician licenses are valid for a single year. However, a technical license allows for using several systems, whereas the basic license only covers using a single system.

  1. Can I open the attachments in the mailbox in a demo version of the software?

The trial version does not allow access to attachments. You’ll need to pay a license fee before accessing the files in your inbox.

  1. Does this software allow the conversion of multiple files at once?

No, it doesn’t support batch conversion of several files, and only one OLM file can be converted at a time.

  1. Does the software support the latest Windows OS, Outlook, and Office 365 environment?

Yes, the OLM to PST converter program supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and Vista, which is true for both the Standard and Technician editions. Not only that, but all versions of Outlook (including 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007) can be used with either edition of the OLM conversion program. However, only the Technician edition allows you to export OLM files to Office 365.

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