Website on a Template Or One With a Unique Design: Pros and Cons

Website on a Template Or One With a Unique Design

Let’s define what exactly is included in the concept of standard and individual website development. Remember that the main task of the site is to solve the various problems that face your business.

Before choosing whether to do individual or typical website development, the customer should answer himself to the following questions:

  • What tasks can be solved with the site? What does he need it for?
  • Where will the customers come from?
  • What costs or investments require the site? Will it be able to scale well so that it does not constantly stand on its own?
  • What length of time does the site require before the information, design or its management system can be changed?

Once you have answered all the above questions, you can already make sure: to do the typical development or create your own site from scratch, like the owners of a live dealers casino in New Zealand did this? The choice is hard, and it’s easy to guess that the two parameters are very different from each other.

Now you will know exactly what the difference between the unique and “template” site is, read all the pros and cons, and then you can completely decide for yourself how you will create a project.


The template site will be much cheaper than a site made from scratch. The reason for this is the time spent on the site, as well as the work of the designer, copywriter, and DTP. But on the other hand, there are also advantages: all the templates are worked out in detail, there should be no logical and computer errors. Even if you don’t like the look of the block made on the template, you can easily attract the work of the designer and layout designer, and they will abolish this problem.

If you want to start completely from scratch, presenting a unique task, the effort spent on the site will take much more, respectively, the cost of the site will be much higher than the template.

Site Security

If you decide to make a site on ready-made templates, be prepared that when the site will be released on the Internet, it will be easy for hackers, who have already met with popular templates, which are used by other website creators.

If there are any monetary transactions with bank accounts or electronic wallet numbers through the site, be prepared for certain difficulties.

From this we can conclude that the individual development of the site will be much safer because the hackers will be much harder to manage with the unique code.

Scaling the Site and Its Capabilities

In the presented parameter, a template site loses. It’s difficult to somehow improve the project on ready-made templates. You can only increase the number of blocks or pages in the project, but it doesn’t guarantee that the functionality, information and quality of pages (blocks) will be better.

And it’s unlikely that it will be possible to implement any changes in your project. But emphasize two more points:

  • In fact, you can save a lot of money to create a custom site. When you just start developing a site, you do not need to save money and get greedy on the project budget.
  • If the purpose of your site is more secondary, that is, it’s designed for a narrow scope of activity, or a small circle of people, and to scale doesn’t make sense, then choose a template (typical) website development.

Technical Support

Platforms that offer a service to create websites on templates, from crust to crust know and understand the capabilities of their templates. So if there are any problems or questions, people can handle everything without delay. In addition, people who noticed those or other errors in the template are likely to have been addressed more than once in support services, so the errors in the templates is a rare phenomenon.

Terms of Site Development

In the development time parameter, the site, made on templates, definitely wins. It’s enough to enrich the site content, do SEO promotion, indicate all the important headings for search engines, connect the domain and hosting. The work usually takes up to two weeks.

If you develop a custom project, the site will be made for at least a month.

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