The prototype of a fully transparent phone unveiled by Mobiado and Aston Martin!

transparent droid phone concept

Graceful, pristine and wondrously exquisite – this is what can be said about this artistic yet advanced conception. Conceived by eminent phone maker Mobiado and exalted car maker Aston Martin, this is the CTP002 phone – basically imbued with a lucid, transparent sapphire glass slab with sober titanium edges.

But visual aesthetics aside, this efficacious contraption aims to be a pellucid piece of cutting-edge technology. Mobiado plans to incorporate a SIM card slot, an Android-based OS and enhanced battery life. Moreover, if you possess an Aston Martin and a CTP002 (which I am sure James Bond will do in the next movie), the phone willd connect with the car display. It will automatically show a comprehensive map from Foursquare and even snap photos. And here comes the important part, the phone’s accelerometer can track the driver’s body in case of a collision, which in turn will enable the car’s airbags to react more efficiently!

transparent droid phone concept 01

Source: GSM Arena

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