The truth behind 30c ‘money-saving’ cycle

Do you contribute your bit in saving the planet? If yes, then you are doing a great job but you have to check that whether in the process you are not doing any harm to your own self as there are chances of that happening. For instance if you are reducing the temperature of your washing machine to say 30c in order to contribute to the environment then you are putting your hygiene at stake. Yes you read that right! The purpose of doing laundry is to kill the harmful germs that are present on the clothes. However some times the low-temperature washes are unable to the required.


The wash you carry out at 30c is unable to kill some possibly harmful germs which are indeed some thing to think about. This result has been put forth by a fairly recent research conducted by the experts. These bacteria that are not killed during the wash actually remain in the washing machine and breed and then attach to the clothes that you put in for the next wash. Let us move on and discuss this in some more detail.

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Low-temperature washes: not as healthy as you might think

Dr. Lisa who happens to be a hygiene expert stated that bacteria build-up is common inside washing machines that are used for low-temperature washes and then these bacteria shift to the water used for the wash and thus stick to the clothes. It is hard to believe but it is true that there are almost one million bacteria present in only around two tablespoons of water.

It has to be noted that the low-temperature washes extend the perfect opportunity for such bacteria to breed. However the makers of washing machines and washing powder insist on washing clothes on low-temperature as it helps in contributing towards saving the environment. This is truly a confusing situation to be in. Dr. Richard who is another expert in the field told that the clothes get cleaned in a much better manner when they are washed in hot water.

The temperature 30c is not at all a favorable temperature for cleaning the clothes and in fact this is the exact same temperature that is used for incubating and breeding bacteria. This bacteria breed in normal scenarios and it does not matter that no one in your household is sick or something like that. Your family shares bacteria every day which gets multiplied when you wash clothes on 30c temperature.

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