Top 10 Most Important Features to Include in Your Landing Page

Important Features to Include in Your Landing Page

There are many important aspects of an online marketing funnel. One of the most essential factors is your landing page. You can have the best ads in the world and have highly targeted traffic. Unfortunately, it is not going to do you any good if your landing page is not up to par.

The average conversion rate of a landing page across all industries is 9.7%. However, there is tremendous variance here. Very poorly optimized landing pages might have conversion rates of only 2%, while the best can have conversion rates of 20% or higher.

While your landing page is one of the most important elements of your marketing funnel, it is also one of the most difficult to setup. It takes a lot more time to create a functional landing page than it does to develop a PPC ad. The good news is that this means that you will have a tremendous competitive edge if you know how to create great websites and landing pages.

When you are trying to create the right landing page, you will need to understand the important features that need to be included. Here are 10 of the most important elements of any good landing page.After reading his article, you will be able to quickly create a free landing page that will convert well and have a huge positive impact on your business.

1. An exceptional headline

exceptional headline

You need a strong headline for every landing page. Your headline needs to grab the attention of your visitors and clearly communicate the main value proposition. It also needs to be written in easy to understand language.

Always keep your target market in mind when creating a headline for your landing page. If you are trying to reach different demographics, then you want to use different landing pages with headlines optimized for each unique audience.

Your headline also needs to be consistent with the copy of your advertisements. You don’t want to confuse your visitors by having a headline that is disjointed from other messages earlier in your funnel. This is an important part of social media and search engine marketing.

2. Important trust indicators

You need to work hard to earn the trust of your visitors. They are exposed to countless advertisements every day. They constantly ignore ads that do not seem trustworthy.

You are going to need to add elements to your landing page that help make your brand seem more trustworthy. You should probably mention any security certificates that demonstrate that your website is encrypted and free of malware. You should also talk about any awards that you have received or any major publications that have talked about your products and services.

3. Quality images of your products and services

The copy on your website is going to be very important. However, it is not going to sell your product on its own. You are also going to need to supplement your written copy with high-quality visuals.

Visual elements are probably a lot more important than you think. One study by Xerox found that users are 80% more likely to pay attention to messages on landing pages if they include exceptional images that are designed to get attention.

4. Include a clear and compelling call-to-action

woman working on designing the page

You need to think carefully about the primary conversion goal of your landing page. Your headline and copy might give people an idea of what you want them to do. However, you are going to have to provide a clear CTA for them.

Your call-to-action should have four words or less. It needs to be very explicit about the steps you want the person to take, such as clicking a link or making a purchase. Your CTA should be large enough to stand out from all of the other elements on your page.

5. Clear contrast between different elements of your page

It needs to be as easy as possible for people to distinguish different elements of your landing page, such as your copy, images and call-to-action. In order to accomplish this, it is important to make sure that there is sufficient contrast with your color schemes.

The colors of your CTA and other elements need to be very different from your background. You should also strategically bold words that you really want to stand out.

6. Quotes from satisfied users

Have you spoken with any of your former customers? Have they communicated their satisfaction for your product or service? You should consider asking them to share a quote for your landing page. You might find that this will improve your conversions considerably.

7. Email subscriber forms

checking emails

In general, you only want to emphasize one call-to-action and conversion goal. However, you might be able to get away with also trying to get people to sign up to your email list. You can optimize your landing page so that both your sales conversion goal and email form stand out.

8. Proper spelling and grammar

Grammar and spelling are both very important for your landing page. They indicate that you take your business seriously and are committed to professionalism, quality work and attention to detail. If you have limited writing abilities, then you might want to hire a professional copywriter.

9. Minimize or remove unnecessary links

You don’t want to include unnecessary elements that are going to hurt your conversion rates. This means that you should get rid of internal and external links that don’t serve any purpose.

10. Pain and pleasure points


One of the most important business practices that you need to follow is knowing how to relate to your customers effectively. Customers don’t respond very well to purely logical messages. You need to give them an emotional reason to take action. Address something that causes them discomfort, as well as something that brings them joy. You need to show how your offer connects with their emotional needs.

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