Top 5 Gadget Design Innovations Expected In 2013

The top companies across the world are coming up with new innovations in gadget designing. So, get ready to find some superb gadgets in the year 2013. Some of the top companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Amazon and Nintendo are planning to release some new stuff in the year 2013. The upcoming gadgets would definitely create a great sensation all over the world.



This is one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year 2013. It is said that, this gadget would have large touch screen, slimmer profile, larger battery and many more superb features. This gadget looks so amazing, and you’ll definitely love it. I hope everyone are eagerly waiting for this lovely iphone. This iphone is very light in weight, and sleek in model. You’ll just love using it! You can expect this gadget in the first month of 2013. As it is light in weight you can carry it wherever you want. You’ll never a find a problem with this iphone5.



This is another most anticipated gadget of the year 2013. This gaming console is designed by Android. You can play all the games for free with Ouya. Besides, its features include 1GB RAM, HDMI connection, 8GB internal storage capacity, USB, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and many more. You can expect this gadget in the first half of 2013. Not only the children but also people with any age definitely enjoy this gadget. This gadget is light silver in color, with an awesome look. This is one of the top gadgets which expected in the year 2013. Even this gadget is very light in weight, and so you can carry it wherever you want. So, get ready to have lots of fun!


Kindle Fire2:

There are some rumors that the Amazon is going to launch this gadget in different versions. This superb tablet is designed with 7inch screen, which is of higher resolution. It’s another versions may have a bit larger screen than this. It is quite sure that this tablet is fitted with a quad core processor. But its operation will be just like the previous models of Amazon. As we all know that, Amazon usually offers its products at a very reasonable price, and so you can leave all your worries now and wait for this fabulous product. You’ll just love this product. This product stays long, and is offered to you with warranty too. You can gift this gadget to your beloved one’s as a festive gift.


Nintendo WiiU:


This is another popular game pad for which everyone is eagerly waiting for. This game pad allows you to play the game continuously for some hours together. The specialty of this pad is that it displays the game even when the TV is off. Just imagine how superb it would be. This is truly a great gift to all the game lovers. So, parents, get ready to purchase this wonderful gadget to your lovely kids. You can expect this gadget in the first 3 months of 2013. So, get ready to celebrate your festivals with new gadgets.


Microsoft RT model tablet:


This is a superb touch product from Microsoft. You can expect this device in the 1st month of 2013. You’ll definitely love this product, and it is said that this device would be offered to you at a very reasonable price. Its price may be closer to the ipad price. Its keyboard is specially designed with a magnetic cover. So, guys get ready to purchase this amazing device.


These are the various gadgets which you can expect in the first 3 months of 2013. These are the top 5 gadget design innovations expected in 2013.





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