Top 5 sustainable commercial designs of 2012

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In today’s fast moving time, organizations are adopting the sustainable commercial designs so that they can lay an impact in the society. Companies and big organizations are taking use of eco friendly designs for their firms and offices so that they can maintain the standards of being eco friendly. With use of eco friendly designs, companies are now on the verge of making their firms sustainable. There are some renowned and big names across the world that has shown a good impact on the society by opting for eco friendly and sustainable commercial designs for their firms. By opting the eco friendly way, the organizations have put a great impact on the society and other firms who are now adopting the same measures like them.

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[box_light]BT Company:[/box_light] In a survey done by Newsweek, BT, the leading telecommunication giant of United Kingdom was ranked among the top five companies, which are having sustainable commercial design for the year 2012. BT has been taking use of all the eco friendly measures for making the design of their organization sustainable. With the design, which they have adopted, they have reduced the emission of carbon by 54%. In a press release from the company stated that, “Emission of carbon would be reduced to 80% by the year 2020.” The company has adopted their own power wind farms, which easily provides 25% of energy to the firm. Starting from the structure to various other aspects of the design, everything that is used is eco friendly and recycled products.

[box_light]IBM: [/box_light]One of the leading IT companies in the world is IBM. Not just in information technology, IBM has made their mark by having a sustainable commercial design for their firm. The green score, which IBM has touched, is to the mark of 82.5%. IBM has been the leader in being an eco friendly firm and the design, which they have adopted, is based on protecting the ground from being contaminated. Since 1971, IBM has adopted the sustainable commercial design for their organization, which is helping in reducing the carbon footprint. The company is taking use of solar panels and wind generators so that they can create maximum amount of energy in a natural way.

[box_light]National Australia Bank:[/box_light] One of the leading banks of Australia has made the score of 82.2% in the mark of having sustainable commercial design. The bank has reached a feat of being carbon free in the year 2010. With help of the commercial eco friendly design, NAB has created different alternative sources for power generation for the firm. Presently, the firm is in the process of reducing their energy consumption by 50% along with which is planning to eliminate 20% of their paperwork in the future.

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[box_light]Banco Bradesco: [/box_light]One of the leading financial institutions and private banks of Brazil has attained the top slot of having a green sustainable design. The bank has been into eco friendly practices since its inception. It is also providing the carbon credit program so that it is easy for other firms to adopt the commercial sustainable designs with ease. Banco is taking use of recycled products for use including plastic.


[box_dark]Australia and New Zealand Banking Group:[/box_dark] Newsweek has given this prestigious organization a rating of 80.9 for having the most sustainable commercial designs of 2012. The organization has adopted the measures of having eco friendly techniques for energy consumption. 70% of the offices are functioned with use of solar energy and other forms of eco friendly designs. The company has already reduced its paper consumption by 60% and has declared itself carbon free in the year 2010.

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