Top Tips for Furnace Repair All Homeowners Should Know

Furnace Repair All Homeowners Should Know

It’s important for all homeowners not to overlook their home’s furnace and heating system. As the furnace plays a pivotal role in making extreme weather conditions bearable, all homeowners should heed attention to tune-up their furnaces at the right time. You should not wait until something goes haywire with your furnace and ensure to keep a tab on servicing your furnace periodically.

Contact furnace maintenance professionals such as to know the best practices of furnace maintenance and get 24/7 access to repair services when trouble ensues. Let’s explore some important tips to ensure that your furnace is up and running to brace your home for frosty winter times:

Basic Furnace Maintenance

Basic Furnace Maintenance

It’s highly recommended to have your heating systems checked well in advance before the onset of winter. The ideal time to get a furnace inspection done is during late summer or early fall when the weather is still mild. Especially if the furnace has worked hard in the previous winter or is relatively older, it needs extra attention.

Since the furnace heating system might not have been in use during those times, homeowners forget to inspect it. Nevertheless, it’s better to be prepared and identify any potential problems in your furnace before it’s too late. 

Preventive and Troubleshooting Tips for an Efficient Furnace Heating Function

Some furnace repair problems you might experience down the line will not require professional assistance. As a homeowner, you can undertake simple preventive and troubleshooting steps:

·        Check Power

Every now and then, take a look at the electric panel and switch. Is it melted, damaged or has discolored fuses? This is especially helpful when your furnace is not working.

·        Clean Furnace Filter

Over time, the furnace filter tends to accumulate dirt and contaminants. This can affect its overall performance and air quality. If you continue to neglect it, it can lead to a system breakdown. Hence, check the filters every month and clean or replace them to prevent any major problems. Air filters are easy to change and as easy as slipping out the old one and sliding in the new filter.

·        Thermostat Check

It’s recommended to occasionally clean the thermostat with a soft brush to eliminate any dust or dirt accumulated inside it. Besides, replace the thermostat batteries periodically for optimal function.

·        Keep a Tab on the Pilot Light

Ensure to check the furnace flame and pilot light to check if they are burning properly. If it’s not, read the owner’s manual to re-light it appropriately. If you suspect a gas leak or detect a gas odor, turn the system off and seek professional assistance immediately from a licensed furnace repair services such as

·        Open Vents and Registers

If you experience uneven heating or low heating, check all the registers and vents to inspect any obstructions or objects that may hinder the airflow around the vents. Additionally, rearrange your furniture if you feel that may be causing a block in the airflow. It is also recommended not to close too many vents because the more vents you close, the more the unit will have to work.

·        Check for Tears in the Air Duct

Sometimes, critters can intrude your attic and damage the air ducts. If you feel restricted airflow, also check for damage in the air ducts, especially if you see insulation debris blowing through your vents.

·        Keep Your Evaporator and Condenser Coils Clean

Both your indoor and outdoor heating system units may have a coil system. Check if these coils are free of debris to keep the unit running without any blockages. Be careful when you clean coils and follow cleaning instructions. 

Deciding Between Repair vs. Replacement of Furnaces

furnace repairs

Sometimes furnace repairs may suffice to restore your furnaces’ optimal function. However, at times it may also be in your best interest to consider replacing the entire unit. If you are in a dilemma, consider the circumstances to make a smart decision.

If the unit is very old and has sustained consistent usage through its lifespan, and is lagging in its heating performance, it may be time to replace your furnace. Despite routine maintenance, if you have experienced significant spikes in your heating bills, the furnace unit may need an inspection.

Besides, if there is a recurring need for repairs, you may choose to replace it rather than shell out more for the repairs. 

Do You Need A Furnace Check-Up?

The above are some important furnace maintenance hacks that you ought to be aware of as a homeowner. If it’s been a long time since your unit has had preventive maintenance, contact the best furnace service professionals to schedule a maintenance check.

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