Transgenerational Kitchen concept tranforms to uncomplicate the complicated

transgenerational kitchen

Working in a kitchen typically requires a user to stand for a long period of time. This may pose a lot of trouble for those who are either handicapped or old. Marta Rudyk has designed the Transgenerational Kitchen for people who cannot bend much or stand for long.

The whole setup does not consume much space and will endow a user with the flexibility to alter the kitchen as per their comfort level. People with different kind of disabilities need things placed at a different height or level. The design consists of a metal pole onto which all the essential components that are a part of the kitchen are placed. The pole is fixed between the ceiling and the floor and all the pieces can spin easily around it. The height of each section can be adjusted further by moving them upwards and downwards, as each unit is fitted with a stepper motor. These features will subtract all the stretching and bending required inside the kitchen and will prove to be a boon for elderly and people with restricted mobility.

The unit is controlled with a remote and the whole setting can be altered in no time. After all the chores in the kitchen are done, stick the modules on the ceiling. This step will make sure that you are left with a lot of free space which will in turn make the area look clean. Carbon fiber has been used to craft the kitchen. This makes it lightweight and hard-wearing for maximum use. The whole structure is heat resistant and is available in various colors.

Transgenerational Kitchen is a step ahead to provide people suffering from disabilities a safe and comfortable environment. It can also be used by those who are perfectly healthy. With its attractive looks and irresistible features, Transgenerational Kitchen will make cooking time more fun.

Via: Behance

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