Understanding the difference between car decals and car wraps

Did you know that you could advertise your business with car wraps in Sacramento that is actually one of the best advertising methods you can get for the money today?

Sacramento car wraps can be installed on your car, SUV, truck, van, or trailer. No matter what type of vehicle you own, the installation will be easy and will allow you to advertise your business without any effort once the wrap is in place.

Difference between car decals and car wraps


Car decals and car wraps use almost the same material. The huge difference, however, is that a car decal does not cover the car completely. A car wrap will completely cover all the curves of your vehicle. In the majority of cases, a car decal will only cover a small part of the car such as a door but a car wrap covers the hood, bumpers, and even the windows if you so desire.

The material used for a car wrap gray backed glue that offers air egress channels which will allow bubbles to smoothed out. This means that the car wrap will actually look like a painted vehicle instead of a car decal that will not cover the vehicle, so it will not look like the car was freshly painted with a gloss finish.

Car wraps last longer than car decals. Car decals have a tendency to fade and only last up to one year since the material used is often cheap.

You will be able to brand your business quicker with so many eyes watching you go down the road. You more than likely have seen vehicles with car wraps. If you did notice these then you know just how much they stand out on the road.

Car wraps allow you to advertize better


Even though a vehicle wrap will cost more than a car decal, it will last up to five years. So, if you look at the money, you will spend on just one car wrap for your vehicle and the money you normally spend on advertising in other fashions, you will quickly see that honestly, you will be saving money on advertising. Instead of wasting money on newspaper ads or other types of advertising, a car wrap grabs attention as you drive on the road. If you live in a big city, just consider how many people will see your advertisement as you just go about your normal day traveling about the city. Especially the vehicle wraps for your small business, they can get benefit by using this idea, spending less and getting more attention.

You can even choose certain locations to park your vehicle with unique car wrap to ensure you are getting the attention of those that need your products or services. This can be done by parking your vehicle at events, parks, close to schools, or other locations where you know your targeted audience frequents. According to your own company, you should be able to find parking that will target the audience you need.

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