Unique artwork made using thrown away cigarette butts

When we think or talk about recycling waste or thrown away products, things that come to our head are newspaper, clothes, cardboard boxes, steel or aluminum foil, cans or plastic bottles. These are mainly classified as recyclable products but have you ever thought that you can create art using cigarette butts? Artworks made using the thrown away cigarette butts are not just aesthetic, but are also good for the environment, which further help in reducing wastes and combating pollution.

Check out these unique artworks made from thrown cigarette butts:


Portrait from cigarette butt

If you are thinking about something artistic, then how about having a portrait made from cigarette butts! And not just of some random person, but Gainbourg portrait. The amazing portrait is the work of Swiss street artist Jinks Kunst, who is quite popular for his stencil artwork. The French singer’s portrait took more than 20,000 cigarettes to complete and now it is up for display in Nantes.

A carpet

Another artwork, a carpet has been created by Bubu. Jesus Bubu Negron is a Puerto Rican artist who wanted to do something different so he designed a carpet made entirely from cigarette filters. In some places, you can also witness some white portion of the cigarette as well. It is designed similar as a textile rug.


Dresses from cigarette butts

Well, who thought you can actually wear cigarette butts? Nevertheless, Alexandra Guerrero, a Chilean fashion designer, crafted something trendy and fashionable from cigarette filters. She actually recycled the used cigarette butts and turned them into clothes like a dress, a cute poncho, a sweater and a sexy hat. She used 5,000 cigarette butts over this process and the amazing fact is that these clothes actually have tensile strength similar to woolen garments.

Camel head

Not only humans but even camels love smoking cigarettes! Sound weird, isn’t it? Well, a designer has made a camel head entirely from used cigarette butts. Made from camel smoked cigarette butts only, one could see the amazing attraction at ‘All student exhibition’. Well, the best part is that it does not stink at all.


A car

Innovation will get more interesting when you will witness a whole car made out of cigarettes’ white and butt parts. One cannot simply count the number of cigarette butts used to create the whole car body.

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