Unique calendar designs that show creativity rules

It’s a beginning of a New Year and what’s the one thing that you need on your desk rightway? Certainly a calendar but of course not those typical calendars that we see hanging on our walls or placed on the corner of our table. Let’s start by getting a calendar that shows more than just 12 months, calendars with concepts and ideas beyond the ordinary.

When change is the only constant, and where everything is going under transformation why not our way of looking and marking events on our traditional calendar. Who had thought that looking at 12 months of a year and planning them, could turn so exciting, but thanks to people with creative eye, even calendars say more than time. Below is the list of some creative calendars.

Gallery Calendar

Gallery Calendar

This gallery calendar will add beauty to your wall and will give the room more brighter look. This gallery style comes with different themes for different months and is completely attention grabbing design.

Letter Press Calendar

Letter Press Calendar

This desk calendar is eco-friendly as the calendar cards are hand printed and are placed on the wooden stand. Every page features different design, dates are arranged in a dial shaped figure on centre of the page. Letter press calendar is made of 100% cotton which gives the texture a silken and soft touch.

Wall Calendar

Wall Calendar

Designed by German company Populaere Produkte the calendar is printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, the design comes with 100 post-it notes. Throughout the year you can mark and label single days with the help of post it notes. The calendar design is simple and crisp giving it a clean appearance.

Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar 1

Designed by Gideon Dagan, this calendar can be used year after year. The original Perpetual Calendar has two magnetic balls; you need to move one to mark the date and the other ball to mark the month. The calendar is made of injection-moulded plastic and magnets.

Heat Sensitive Calendar

Heat Sensitive Calendar 2

At the first look you will notice that there is nothing new in this calendar but here’s a cool part about it. Each day is marked by a square and when you touch it, the black will vanish revealing a fun incident about something actual that happened on that particular date. You can even write down your important notes or appointments on the given space.


Lets our calendars mark our times in a most unconventional way, pick up one of these extraordinary concepts or come up with something out of the box and make your own calendar. Get started.

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