Washing Machine Concepts That Will Wash Away Your Troubles Too

Have you ever imagined about a washing machine that can solve multiple purposes and make it easier for you to handle the washing job? Although everybody thinks of owning a wonder machine to complete their job in a simpler way, a few people also think of creating such machines to help the masses. Here, we mention some such washing machine concepts that have been designed with the intention to inspire real designs, but we may or may not find them in the market very soon. Check out a few ongoing thoughts in concern with multipurpose washing machines.

WM – Washing Machine Concept

WM – Washing Machine Concept

Electrolux has designed this washing machine concept called WM, which focuses on a demanding user. The design is aimed to provide high quality and performance through several hierarchical functional commands and washing combinations. The user can also easily program these combinations. WM is designed to be a durable and luxurious product. Based on several factors, users can actually communicate their commands to WM in a simple way. WM can definitely be seen as a future machine.

3 in 1 Washer

3 in 1 Washer

It is a compact washing machine concept for people who are single. This innovative machine is designed for three functions, including those of a washing machine, hand-laundry and washbasin. While the bottom portion of this machine is used for washing clothes, the upper portion can act as a sink for the washbasin. The concept is really functional and practical, as it combines everything within a limited space.


Baguni 1

Imagine a washing machine being integrated with a detachable laundry basket and the final product is Baguni. This washing machine concept can prevent you from going crazy over the task of washing your clothes. Not only the laundry can be collected in its basket cum washing drum, but you can also detach it easily after collecting washed clothes in it.



Washit is an innovative washing machine concept that integrates a small washing machine with a shower cabinet. While you take a bath, the same water can be utilized to wash your clothes side by side. Thus, it not only saves your water bill, but also gives you the convenience of washing your clothes in smaller lots. If you are thinking about the hygiene factor, then be assured of it because wastewater from your bath is first filtered by a special filtration system to make it clean for use.

The Wheel/Treadmill Washing Machine

The Wheel or Treadmill Washing Machine

Designed by Si Hyeong Ryu, The Wheel is an amazing washing machine concept that is a perfect combination of physical fitness, energy efficiency and cleaning clothes. This wheel-shaped machine can be operated by running on its treadmill. The energy generated is used for spinning and washing the clothes that you put inside the tubular wheel. This process not only saves water, but also saves the power required to run the machine. This washing machine also has power cells to store the energy for later use.


There are many emerging washing machine concepts that can wash away all your troubles if turned into reality. While some concepts concentrate on saving water and energy, some others focus on providing better performance and comfortable washing options.

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