What are the Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Spotify Monthly Listeners

If you are a new Spotify user, you have probably noticed your statistics. In the special tab, you can check all various parameters regarding the performance of your music on Spotify.

And some parameters seen usual and understandable, and some – not so easy to wrap your head around. One of such parameters is your number of Spotify monthly listeners. In this article we will examine the topic of monthly listeners, their impact on your career on Spotify, and discuss one way to get more of them.

So, how is it, being an independent Spotify music creator? Is it everything you have dreamt of? We suppose there are differences here and there. However, you can still make your musical career the one you wanted – with new monthly listeners. Enlarging your fan base is the best way to become popular. Popularity comes from big numbers of people that are listening to your music.

But what exactly are those monthly listeners?


Monthly listeners, unlike followers or plays, represent a number of unique people, that have played your tracks. One monthly listener counts for one unique listener, no matter how many times he or she has played your song. And that’s where the beauty lies. The majority of musicians will just ignore this parameter, thinking of it as of something useless. However, for a true dedicated creator, and also for Spotify algorithms, there cannot be any irrelevant parameters. Every number has its weight and impact, everyone is equally important.

How to Make Your Audience Grow on Spotify

Audience on Spotify

If you were thinking about helping your audience grow, you should’ve thought about buying monthly listeners. Such a small thing as your number of monthly listeners is far more important than it seems. It represents your coverage, your real audience, and thus, is the most objective parameter, regarding your popularity on Spotify. So making this parameter bigger is always a good call. You can always argue with me on the need to buy them, instead of natural gaining, but we will always parry your arguments with mine, saying that doing everything on your own will take much more time, and that there are no guarantees on how well you will perform during that time.

You can only hope that your natural process of gaining monthly listeners will go smooth and effective, but you can never be sure of it. With purchasing of monthly listeners, you always know how many listeners and in which time-period you will get them. It makes building a successful career far easier and more predictable.

If your number of monthly listeners will go up, your other parameters will go up also, because if you choose a competent music promotion service, your listeners will be real, attracted organically. Real people, with their own musical taste, will be attracted to your music by the means of music promotion companies. Isn’t that perfect? Pay for listeners, but get followers and plays. That’s a great deal, don’t you think?

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