What’s New with the 2022 Ford Maverick: Models and Features

What’s New with the 2022 Ford Maverick

Over the years, Ford has remained one of the top car manufacturers, given its enormous demand worldwide. Today, the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick is here to defy all pickup stereotypes and exceed expectations. It is the resurrection of its long-forgotten 1970s compact car model. It is a small pickup model that complements the other Ford lineup, such as the Ranger and the F-150.

It promises a fun experience with endless customization opportunities. Its affordability and flexibility are a testament to its capacity to meet the evolving needs of its market. This new model offers a spacious interior with the best technology. Here are the things you must know about the Ford Maverick.


The 2022 Ford Maverick has three models. Here are their prices and descriptions: 

The Ford Maverick XL

The Ford Maverick XL is the cheapest among the models. The front-wheel drive has a 2.5-liter powertrain, which will only cost you $19,995, excluding the destination charge of $1,495. For an additional payment of $3,305, you can have an all-wheel drive. It has a turbocharged two-liter engine with an excellent twisting force for rotation. 

The Ford Maverick XLT

All-wheel drive with a turbocharged two-liter engine is available in this midlevel model at $22,360. It is similar to the all-wheel drive of the Ford Maverick XL. But customers must always expect a better interior and cruise control. Its luxury package adds adjustable and heated driver’s and passenger seats, side mirrors, two locking brackets, LED lighting, and another rear USB port for only $2,345. 

The Ford Maverick Lariat

The top-of-the-line Ford Maverick Lariat starts at $25,860. It rides on 18–inch wheels and provides all the comfort features of the XLT luxury package. On top of these, it has Desert Brown ActiveX upholstery, dual-zone automatic climate control, better soundproofing, and more. For an additional $3,340, Lariat owners can enjoy its luxury package. It includes an eight-speaker premium Bang &Olufsen stereo, adaptive cruise control, a wireless charging pad, rear parking sensors, and steering assist. Finally, the Lariat Luxury Package can be fitted out as a First Edition for only $1,495.

Driving Experience

The Maverick ensures efficiency and safety. Its optional turbocharged two-liter engine can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in six seconds. It’s indeed faster than any midsize pickup model, including its competitor Hyundai Santa Cruz. Thanks to the quick transition of the automatic transmission when speeding up. Also, its massive driving power allows it to drive on long uphills.

But its steering may not be as impressive and relaxing as anticipated. There is nothing special, to put it mildly. The model may still appear as a typical pickup truck in this sense. Hence, drivers may expect it to stifle and upset the handling when going around turns. Nevertheless, it provides an 8.3 inches ground clearance, so safety is absolute.


The exterior style of the 2022 Ford Maverick remains in line with the rest of its pickup lineup. It has an upright, boxy frame, so the cab and the bed do not have a gap. There is an 8.3-inch to 8.6-inch ground clearance in all models, ensuring safety when making turns.

It also has LED headlights, halogen taillights, owner’s choice of 17-inch or 18-inch wheels, and steel wheels. Its finishes can be painted bright and black-painted aluminum. As part of the Ford models, the name Maverick is embossed in the lower part of the tailgate.


The 2022 Ford Maverick mixes simplicity with elegance and comfort with functionality in its interior. It is spacious and cozy, enhanced by its heated and adjustable cloth or leather seats. It has enough legroom, making it comfortable for drivers and passengers regardless of height. Meanwhile, the dashboard has a strong resemblance to a durable countertop.

Also, it has a 4.5-feet truck box with an adjustable tailgate. And there is nothing to worry about even if it cannot fit all your items. There are plenty of spaces in the front and rear rows, leaving adequate legroom. If you do not find it comfortable, fret not. There are two large storage bins beneath the rear seats. But in hybrid models, one of the bins is for the battery pack only.

Moreover, you may place your beverage bottles in the door armrests. Your tablet or netbook can fit in the door pockets. It provides more spaces using additional custom storage solutions, such as the Ford Integrated Tether System (FITS). Behind the center console, there is a slot for accessories and a double hook for plastic bags.


The new model boasts an eight-inch touchscreen that connects to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also has FordPass Connect with an embedded modem, allowing ten devices to connect to WiFi. It has standard stereo speakers and climate control, enhanced with luxury packages. Parking is more manageable with its sensors. Customers may enjoy playing music with its premium stereo speaker.

Engine and Transmission

This newest model has a standard front-wheel drive and hybrid powertrain on all trim levels. The Ford Maverick has better fuel economy compared to the compact cars in its lineup. The EPA estimates it can run at 42 mpg in cities, 33 mpg on highways, and 37 mpg combined.

The standard models have an optional turbocharged two-liter and four-cylinder EcoBoost engine in front-wheel drive. It can be changed to all-wheel drive for an additional fee. The EcoBoost fits its electronic variable transmission. But the mpg figures will go down.

The Maverick front-wheel drive has a total system horsepower of 191. It has an excellent twisting force of 155 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm with an additional 173 lb-ft battery pack. Meanwhile, the all-wheel-drive has 250 horsepower at 5,500 rpm. Its twisting force or torque is 277 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm.

Buying the Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick struggles to keep up with the influx of customers. But it may serve as a testament to the quality and driving experience it promises. Prices are reasonable with simple, flexible, and efficient features. This model may help customers in personal and business purposes.

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