Why Do Industrial Businesses Buy Used Fabrication Machinery?

Industrial Businesses Buy Used Fabrication Machinery

When industrial businesses need to buy fabrication machinery for their operations, they have two choices. They can buy new equipment or used equipment. Most industrial companies opt for the first for the simple reason that they believe brand-new machines will be more efficient and cheaper to maintain. However, those companies are missing a trick because they are misguided in their views. Today’s second-hand fabrication machinery sold by reputable sellers has long-life expectancy. So, wise industrial companies know they can gain the same great quality of new fabrication equipment for a much lower cost.

If you run a manufacturing company or are planning to go into business in the industrial industry, you will want to consider purchasing used fabrication machinery. Find out more by reading the following insightful information.

Used Machinery Is More Affordable


One of the main reasons industrial businesses purchase used fabrication machinery is it costs less than buying new machines. Typically, the price difference between a new piece of equipment and a used piece of equipment ranges from 30% to 70%. The differentiation is largely dependent on the condition and quality of the equipment. For quality used fabrication machinery at affordable prices, check out Revelation Machinery’s store. The company has machines located all across the US. The inventory includes items like lathes,press brakes, lasers and presses, and machining centers.

Top Brands Are Available within Budgets

Stores like Revelation Machinery do not only have fabrication machinery available for a lower cost than new machinery, they also have equipment by leading brands like Pacific, Cincinnati, HMS, Amada, and Mazak. That means industrial businesses have the option of buying the best machinery at the best prices. So, even smaller businesses in the industrial industry can purchase the brand of their choice within budget.

Buying Used Machinery Is Quicker Than Buying New Machinery

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When industrial companies purchase new fabrication machinery, it is not unusual to face inconsistent or long lead times. That is due to various reasons, such as shipping delays and not having specific machinery parts available. By buying quality second-hand machinery, businesses face minimal lead times because it is ready to go. It typically takes between two and three weeks from purchase to installation for used machinery, whereas buying and installing new fabrication machinery can take up to six months. Seeing as every business knows time means money, it often makes sense for industrial companies to buy second hand equipment so they can begin manufacturing products and parts sooner.

Used Machinery Is Just as Reliable as New Machinery

If you run an industrial business and are considering purchasing used fabrication machinery, you may be hesitant because you are worried about the quality and lifespan of second-hand equipment. After all, for many products, from cars to washing machines, it is usually best to buy new if you want items to last longer. But fabrication machinery and washing machines are worlds apart. Any reputable seller of fabrication machinery ensures that it is working in tip-top condition before making it available to purchase. Used machinery is just as reliable as new machinery, which is why it is such a popular choice for industrial businesses. Furthermore, most reputable used equipment sellers offer warranties on their products, helping industrial companies to save money on costly repairs.

Used Machines Can Be Used as Backup Machines

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Large industrial businesses sometimes buy used fabrication machinery to act as backup machines. Because delivering quality parts or products quickly is a crucial element of industrial companies’ operations, it is helpful for them to have backup machines in case the main machinery slows down or stops working altogether. So, businesses can avoid downtime by investing in affordable second-hand fabrication equipment.

Used Machinery Does Not Depreciate in Value Much

Fabrication machinery typically holds its value over time. That means if industrial businesses want a specific machine for short-term projects, they can sell the equipment once it has completed the required tasks, with little depreciation. Brand-new machinery typically depreciates in value the most over the first twelve months, when it can drop in value as much as 40%. But after one year, the value stabilizes and usually remains the same for at least five years.

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