YOUARESOLATE concept watch suggests a unique way to read time

youaresolate watch concept

Even after coming across so many watch designs, the fascination for watches does not seem to end. Every time a question keeps hovering over our minds – What is next? But a designer’s mind seems to work in a different way, saying, “The next creation will be even better.” Boris Kuznetsov is out with a concept watch named YOUARESOLATE, which will adorn your wrist gracefully.

The facade of the rectangular watch looks as if wooden strips have been wedged on it. The hours and minutes are displayed in a unique manner through the wooden plates/strips. Twelve wooden plates have been placed on the dial that represents the hour hand. To calculate what hour of the day you are in, simply count the highlighted wooden strip. Inside the wooden plate are little color lights that denote the minutes.

youaresolate watch concept 02

The color of light tells us what time of the day it is. If it is morning time, the lights will be displayed in the color blue, and when lights turn red, it means evening has set in. YOUARESOLATE will make you stand out of the crowd and reading time in style won’t be a dream anymore.

youaresolate watch concept 03

youaresolate watch concept 01

Via: Youaresolate

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