3D-Real Estate in Dubai is Evolving

3D-Real Estate in Dubai is Evolving

If you want to “print” a 3D-real estate or even an apartment in Dubai you will be obliged to obtain a special license. It can be permitted only by the Dubai Municipality. Each building will be entered in the state register.

A special decree to print real estate

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KhalifaIbnZayed Al Nahyan announced in 2016 that the government will encourage developers who are aiming to switch from building regular buildings to 3D buildings in Dubai by creating a consolidated list of benefits such as cheap rent etc. According to the government it will help to promote technology in the UAE and contribute to the global development of technology as well. Many buildings including residential premises will be constructed this way by 2030. Just imagine this! Only in a few years you will be able to buy a Dubai home made by a 3D-printer.

3D-real estate in Dubai

The UAE’s government spent a lot of money on this project. Even though there are only two buildings, they definitely can be called a breakthrough.

  • The first one is located at Emirates Towers. Experts on Emirates.Estate said that it is not only the world’s first 3D printed office, but also it is the first printed place where people are working. It is unique and ingenious. The main goal of the innovation was extensive research and development work devoted to testing equipment in harsh climatic conditions,
  • The second construction is a center, which earned the Guinness Book of World Records in 2019. It was built in the Al Warsan area. It is believed to be the largest printed building in the world. Its height is about 10 m, the area is 650 sq. m. This is a two-storey building in the manufacture of which was required 40% less human labor and generated 65% less construction waste.


3D-Real Estate

There are a lot of advantages:

  • Less money from the state budget will be spent on the construction of such buildings. According to Mohammad Al Gergawi, Minister of Government Affairs of the UAE, the cost of work could be reduced by 50-80%, and the time required for the construction of the project will be reduced by 50-70%.
  • This is a more sustainable method. It reduces waste as well as noise pollution.
  • The biggest advantage is that architects will be able to make any changes to the drawings immediately at the request of the customer.
  • Talking about customers. There are a lot of people willing to buy such a building. After the first two successful projects, investors have shown a desire to invest in the construction of residential areas.

Presentation at the World’s Fair

In May of this year, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed announced that a dedicated venue for the presentation of 3D printing technologies will be set aside at the World Expo 2020 Dubai (was postponed for a year due to the pandemic). It will include a research center, academy and laboratories that will help develop the technology.

Development area

3D-real estate in Dubai

Last summer, Sheikh Hamdan established the Strategic 3D-Printing Alliance to provide a platform to bring together interested government organizations, scientists in the UAE and around the world.

The region will host the largest warehouse in the UAE for storing and using equipment and materials for 3D-printing.

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