6 Benefits of Using a Stone Benchtop

Benefits of Using a Stone Benchtop

A benchtop is a flat horizontal surface installed in kitchens, mostly used for food preparation. However, you might also find them in bathrooms or workstations. Benchtops are usually fixed at a waist-level height for the user to utilize them efficiently.

If installed properly, a person can comfortably prepare, serve, and even eat meals on these surfaces. In the bathroom, a benchtop can help an individual easily reach soaps, sprays, towels, and other items. In a workstation, a benchtop placed at an ergonomic position allows a person to work conveniently, reducing the risk of them straining their backs.

Besides providing comfort, benchtops also improve the appearance of a room. They can make your space look stylish and attractive. If you’re planning to sell your property one day, this feature could increase your building’s value.

Why Should You Consider Stone Benchtops

If you’re looking to add a kitchen, bathroom, or workstation benchtop, you’ll discover that there are several options available. You’ll find benchtops made of polished concrete, timber, laminate, stainless steel, bamboo, stone, and other materials.

All these have their set of advantages and disadvantages, which means some, buyers may prefer some more than others.

For instance, benchtops made of stone are quite popular today.However, do note that there are also different types of stone benchtops available. You’ll find engineered stone benchtops and others made of natural marble, quartzite, limestone, and granite. Regardless of the type you pick, a stone benchtop can be a worthy investment.  Some of the benefits of installing this type of benchtop include the following:

1. Visually Appealing

Visually Appealing benchtop

Stone benchtops are quite appealing in terms of looks. They are beautiful, elegant, and offer a sense of luxury. Besides that, they’re also smoothly textured and come in various shades, colors, and finishes. This means that you can find a stone benchtop that complements your style, depending on your building’s design.

Buyers are usually more attracted to spaces with appealing features. If you want to put your property on the market one day, it’s best to upgrade wood benchtops to stone so that you can raise its value.  If the space doesn’t have any benchtops, adding a stone benchtop could be another good way to improve your building’s worth. This can be a big selling point that could help you get some good cash out of the sale of your property.

2. Heat Resistant

Stone benchtops are heat-resistant, which means that they can function quite well in any part of your home or work area. For instance, in your kitchen, they can withstand heat from pans and pots so it’s fine to set hot items down without risk of the surface getting damage. In your bathroom or workstation, they won’t crack if you place hot appliances on them.

3. Stain-Resistant

Stain-Resistant benchtop

Marble, limestone, and some types of quartzite benchtops have a porous surface. This means that they’ll absorb liquids or pastes spilled on them and will therefore get discolored. However, if you’d still want to install these natural stones, you’ll have to hire a professional to seal them for you. This will protect your benchtop from the damages caused by stains.

Benchtops made of engineered stone and granite areconsidered stain-resistant. This means that if wine, oil, vinegar, or juice spills on them, they won’t get discolored. If you mistakenly spill such substances on a stone benchtop, you can easily wipe them off without a problem.

4. Durable

Stone benchtops are known for their outstanding durability. Aside from being heat and stain-resistant as mentioned before, stone benchtops can withstand strong impacts that could otherwise crack other benchtop options. This makes them more suitable for areas of the home were plenty of heavy items are often used or carried around. The best example of this would be workshops or garages, where metal hand tools are often used.

Thanks to their innate durability, stone benchtops are some of the longest lasting options available. A properly-fitted benchtop could easily remain functional and resist wear and tear for decades.

5. Low Maintenance Surfaces

Low Maintenance Surface

Since stone benchtops have a stain-resistant surface as mentioned before,this means they don’t require a lot of maintenance.Usually, all that’s required is water and a gentle detergent to wash them.

If you have stone benchtops in your home, you could end up saving more money in the long run. This is because you spare yourself the cost of bleaching solutions, strong detergents, mold removers, and other aggressive cleaning products over the course of the benchtops’ lifespan. Besides that, they’ll also spare you more time cleaning and repairing damage caused by regular wear and tear.

6. Easy To Install

Stone benchtops are also easier to install compared to some alternatives. Unlike those made materials like concrete, stone surfaces aren’t installed on site. Instead, each benchtop comes premade. The stonemason will take measurements, and then cut and design your benchtop. After that, they’ll come with the finished slab and fit it in your home or work area.

If changing to a new stone benchtop is part of your home renovation plans, you can relax knowing that your stonemason will make your work easier. They’ll install your new piece for you, giving you more time to focus on other remodeling tasks on your list. 


Adding a benchtop in your kitchen, bathroom, or workstation can be very beneficial. These surfaces will make your home more convenient and make working in your homemore comfortable. That said, there are many types of benchtops available, and the sheer number of choices can overwhelm you.

While all materials have their pros and cons, you may want to go for stone benchtops as a safe pick. Aside from being heat and stain resistant, stone benchtops are very durable and relatively easy to install. Furthermore, you’ll end up with a low-maintenance option, allowing you to save on expensive cleaning materials and repairs. Whether it’s for your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or workshop, you can’t go wrong by adding surfaces made of stone.

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