7 Potential Signs of Plumbing Problems in Your Home

Signs of Plumbing Problems in Your Home

Thanks to the picture-perfect waterfalls at Stone Bridge and easy access to Occoquan Reservoir, Manassas presents some spectacular water getaways.

While appealing to the eyes, Potomac River and Lake Manassas also act as primary water resources.

However, with such great offerings and water facilities at your disposal in Manassas, having a home with shoddy plumbing work can be unsettling. It is one of those issues that you might take for granted much of the time until something goes wrong. Whether it’s water dripping due to a leak or the hiss of something wrong with your boiler, hiring an experienced plumber in Manassas VA, is your best solution. Here are some potential signs of plumbing problems when it is best to consult an expert.

1. Sewer Smell

Clogged sink pipe

Recently, a mobile community in Manassas received an eviction notice after the property had cited cracks in the park’s sewer system. The entire incident affected about 60 homes and 300 people.

Ideally, the vents in your home channel sewer odor up to the roof, while drain traps stop sewer odors from coming through the sink drain. But if you smell sewer gas in your living space, it means a vent has cracked, or a trap has run dry, which are potential plumbing issues.

The smart professionals refill the dry trap and examine it for signs of a leak. They use sophisticated tools for the repair work, like high-tech sewer jetting, as these issues occur in enclosed walls.

2. Weak Water Flow

The city has adequate storage in Lake Manassas to meet its increasing need for additional drinking water. It also sells water to the nearby Prince William County.

It’s quite disheartening to see taps in your home with weak water flow when you know your area has ample water supply.

When the issue occurs at multiple locations in your property, it’s an indication to call consultants and check for problems in the water main or an active leak in the supply line.

3. Bubbling Wall and Ceiling Paint


Last year in Manassas, most house owners paid an average of $5,054 for house painting work, with the maximum cost touching $6,400.

Having spent so much on painting your dwelling according to your color choices, issues like bubbling or peel-off can cost you a lot of money. These are signs of moisture leading to plumbing issues, which you need to resolve with utmost priority.

If you notice blisters or brown spots appearing on the ceiling or wall, it’s time to engage a skilled plumber in Manassas, VA. They will check for leaks in either the roof or plumbing system, which typically cause these issues.

4. Slower Drainage

Manassas adheres to MS-4, which regulates dedicated stormwater management systems, with 5,320 storm drains connected to 23 public stormwater facilities in the city.

When the city has a well-planned drainage system, even for stormwater, a slow drain in your home is undoubtedly a sign of a plumbing problem. A professional will check for traces of removed clog and perform drain care to clear the block.

5. Unacceptable Water Color

Unacceptable Water Color

Like the rest of Virginia, Manassas also presents a water quality of 65%, with the drinking water quality and accessibility at 76%.

Unclear water coming out of your faucets is an indication there’s something wrong with the plumbing work. You will notice cloudy or yellow-colored water. Competent plumbers check the water pipes for rust, which is the main reason for the color change. And if required, they also install new faucets.

6. Rattling Pipes

While the sound of rushing water from your pipes is quite normal, a rattling sound right after you shut the valve is a cause of concern.

There are over 20 outlets in Manassas, offering top quality pipes best suited for your property. Renowned plumbers work closely with these retailers and provide branded fittings when you hire them for repair work. They check for high pressure and poorly secured pipes to overcome the undesired noises.

7. Higher Water Bills

Higher Water Bills

The overall Cost of Living Index for Manassas stands at 125.9, with the median home cost at $392,200.

While you manage to build your dream home with a salary of $75,000, the average package in Manassas, you might find it hard bearing abnormally high-water bills.

Unless you can account for higher water usage, an ever-increasing water bill is a clear-cut sign of a significant issue in your home’s plumbing system. Professionals look for significant leaks and running toilets to avoid sudden spikes in your water bills.

Final Thoughts

Recently flash flooding in Manassas left several roadways underwater, trapping locals on the residential street. A heavy water inflow will indeed affect your home, particularly the plumbing system.

Hire a reputed plumber close to your neighborhood to avail their prolific services, whether it’s installation, inspection, or maintenance. With a sophisticated plumbing system in place, you can protect your home from any adverse situation hassle-free.

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