7 – Things that make your website-design SEO friendly

SEO friendly website-design

While designing a website, you have to look at it from two perspectives. First, the perspective of your target audience who are going to look at your site. Second, the perspective of Google, Bing or some other search engine that would be bringing your target audience to the site. The search engines are always are always developing new algorithm to bridge the gap between these two perspectives. However, despite being quite successful at this, they still haven’t achieved perfection. Therefore, there are always bunch of tips and tricks that can help you make your website-design SEO friendly.

1. Keywords in URL and subdomain

Keywords in URL and subdomain

When it comes to SEO, this is almost a no brainer. Having keywords in the URL and even in the names of the subdomain significantly increases the chances that the search engine might direct keyword searches related to those search words on to your page. This becomes a necessity if you are focusing on keywords that already face a lot of competition.

In fact, you can even make thedomain name of your website keyword friendly, however, with this, you have to keep a few things in mind. First, if the keyword has high traffic, you’d have to spend plenty of money to buy the domain name. Second, going for over the top domain names like ‘’ won’t be of much help. Third, you have to make sure that you put in content that is related to the keyword in your domain name. If your domain name has parenting int it and you are putting in politics, it just wouldn’t help.

2. Avoid sub-sub domains

Not only websites with a lot of sub-sub domains look messy, search enginesalso don’t give that much priority to them. Sub domains are fine, but when you start getting deeper, it becomes difficult for both the search engines and your audience to access the pages. Therefore, before going forward with your website design, just make a list of what your website focuses on and make sub domains related to that. Avoid creating any sub-sub domains unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3. Have a good-looking website

SEO is linking

One of the most important factors in SEO is linking. More is the number of websites linking to your pages, better would be the chances that they would rank. However, in this scenario, we generally focus only on the content, but although you can create linkable content with the help of companies like Probella, it would never workout unless your website presents it in a way that your audience likes. It is necessary that you match your website design to what your target audience likes. Studying the design of the successful websites related to your niche might help you with this.

4. Create phone-friendly website

Since most of us access the websites through our smartphones nowadays, this is also a no brainer. Nevertheless, it is something that is very easy for the designers to ignore. Almost all the designers tend to design their websites using PCs or laptops, that’s why sometimes they forget that most of their target audience would be accessing it using their phones. You should always remember that making your website mobile-friendly is very easy. Therefore, it should be one of your top priorities.

5. Easy Loading Site

Easy Loading Site

Your computer might be having a state-of-the-art processor along with superfast internet, but this is luxury not everyone can afford. Creating a website loaded with high-quality images and heavy scripts would make it difficult for a large portion of your audience to access. This would ultimately affect your search rankings too.

6. Make images SEO friendly

You must be aware that Google has ‘Google Images’, a subsite that helps you search images. The same is the case with other search engines too, they too have image search subsites. Therefore, along with putting in images of suitable resolution (neither too big nor too little), you should also make sure that you put in Alt Text too that helps the search engines rank those images in the image results for the related keywords.

7. Keep your web-design updated

Keep your web-design updated

Although many of the popular websites have been there for decades, you won’t find their websites looking the same way they used to when they started. It is because these websites are aware of the search engines’ changing algorithm and the changing tastes of their audience. A website that keeps both of these in mind is destined to maintain its rank.

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