A Complete Guide to Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Curtains are an essential item of furnishing in a house. But, it becomes very inconvenient if you continue to struggle with it. An ideal curtain should let in the perfect amount of light that your home requires, while also blocking out light entirely when drawn.

A good quality curtain would not be too heavy, or too light, and still perform all the necessary functions. You should not be forced to sacrifice sleep and wake up in the morning to draw your curtains to block out sunlight.

All these problems are solved when you use roller blinds. These are not too heavy or too thin and are perfectly easy to handle. The quality and design of these blinds also consider your home decor and lets you choose from a variety of options.

Types of roller blinds and their uses

roller blinds

Aknarulood may be single or double-layered according to the number of layers of fabric used in the making.

Double-layered blinds have multiple purposes than single ones. The two layers function differently; one may block out light completely, while the other may let in just the perfect amount.

1. Blockout Roller Blinds

As the name suggests, blockout or blackout roller blinds completely block out any kind of light. It not only improves the quality of your sleep but also makes sure you have enough privacy.

Moreover, it plays a huge role in blocking out the harmful UV rays of the sun and also regulates the temperature of the room according to the season.

2. Sunscreen roller blinds

The sunscreen fabric of this type of roller blinds lets you enjoy enough privacy while also making sure you get a little amount of light in your room.

These filtered blinds do not darken your room completely, letting you enjoy a partial view of the outside, while also providing insulation and protecting you from 80-90% of UV radiation.

3. Translucent Roller Blinds

The translucent roller blinds are a perfect balance of performing the function of a blackout blind while also being made up of a fabric that is thin but withstanding.

They let in a sufficient amount of light while also protecting your privacy. You can choose a fabric and design from multiple options to ensure that the blinds match the color and decor of your room.

4. Sheer Roller Blinds

The name implies the use of sheer fabric in the making of these blinds. They let in a plentiful amount of sunlight which does not mean that such a fabric causes a violation of your privacy.

Despite letting in so much light, it also protects your privacy from prying human eyes. Sheer roller blinds can also be customized according to your taste and the decor of your room.


It is important to make sure that the roller blinds you are purchasing possess all the necessary features. They should be treated with anti-bacterial and provided with a guide with cleaning instructions.

The type of fabric must be made of inflammable material and they should perform all the basic functions, such as insulation, while also protecting you from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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